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31 October 2006

"Can you sing it?" asked Grandma Gerry of one of the World's Most Perfect Grandchildren as they walked out of our goddaughter Sandy's house and into the backyard where Walt and I were sitting and munching Trader Joe cranberry scones.

Shy 4-year old Max said "I can't remember all of it," and hid behind 7 month old Samantha.

Grandma Gerry and Samantha

"Just sing the start of it," prompted Grandma Gerry, an evil glint in her eye.

In a soft voice he began...

The itsy bitsy spider
Climbed up the water spout....

"See?" shouted Gerry, triumphantly, as she began thumbing through a copy of Mother Goose to underscore the point.

Max's mother Sandy seemed confused as I scoffed at her son's rendition.  I explained that everybody knew it was really "Eency Weeny spider..."  (Here is another link.)

It is no secret that Gerry and I have vastly differing religious, political, and philosophical viewpoints, but we had managed to have an absolutely delightful 10 days reveling in our 40+ year old friendship and setting all the differences aside, but this may finally prove to be an insurmountable difference.

Or maybe the World's Most Perfect Grandchild isn't quite so perfect after all.  Harumph.

We are finally home.  It's been a long time.  How long have I been gone?  A month?  Sure feels like it!  Strange to come home to NO dogs.  I'll get Sheila in the morning and I'm not sure when Lizzie will come home.

Gerry and I got up this morning and she fixed me the last latte of the trip.

Walt went for one final visit with his mother this morning, running into the newlyweds and the cousins again, so going through more goodbyes.  I stayed at home and got ready to go.  We were driving Gerry to her daughter's home, so she could be there to watch the kids go trick-or-treating, and also so I could meet the World's Most Perfect Grandchildren (even if they don't know about spiders and water spouts). 

We had a nice visit and then got on the road again.  As we were nearing the Burger Queen, I received a photo message from Jeri, who had just arrived back in Boston again (I have come to love my cell phone camera!).  We got off at the Burger Queen to send Jeri a message about our own progress and to pick up an ice cream cone to keep us going a bit longer.

We finally pulled in here about 8:30 and, as I predicted last night, I am spending the evening going through photos and adding photos to the journal entries I made when I was using computer which did not give me a way to download photos from my camera.  I've done it primarily for me, since I use these journal entries as my own personal diary, but I don't mind if you look at them too, if you're interested.  I have updated the following pages:

October 26
October 27

October 28 (pedicure day)
October 29 (wedding photos)
October 30



Rosie REALLY makes herself at home!


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