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29 October 2006

Well, it happened. Alice and Joe became Mr. and Mrs. The long wait is over and it was all a smashing success.

The day started with a spectacular sunrise--a good omen.

We had a nice breakfast with Dick and Gerry and then I dropped Walt and his tuxedo at Tom's, picked up Jeri, and the two of us went off to the beauty parlor to get beautiful. She is beautiful. I am stunningly gorgeous. (I may forget to include a photo here...).

There were four of us at the beauty parlor. Alice Nan and her right-hand woman, Rosemary were also there and we had a good time watching Alice Nan get her hair fixed and the veil attached.

Jeri's hair was curled and then swept up and masses of curls down the back of her head.

I asked for my hair to be cut and she gave it a swept back look. When it was all finished and sprayed stiff, I realized that while I have my hair cut all the time, I can't remember the last time I had it done, with all the strange instruments, the hot things, the wet things, the sticky things, the sharp things, none of which I know how to use myself, so even though everyone says this is the prettiest they've ever seen my hair, I know that within a day or two, it will be the same old "do" I've worn forever.

After we finished becoming gorgeous, I dropped off Jeri (and, I hope, my cell phone, which has disappeared...I'm hoping that I left it at Tom's) and I raced back across Santa Barbara to change into my wedding finery. Gerry met me with a sandwich she had fixed for me and I decided to take a breather, sit down, and eat lunch with her and Dick, which was very nice.

It took me all of 5 minutes to get out of grubbies and into the dressy clothes I'd brought and then I was back on the freeway again to meet Ned at the chapel so we could do a sound check for the videotape.

How many times have I gone into a venue and found Ned and Phil (and often other guys--like Jeri) setting up mic stands and running cords and doing sound checks. There they were, setting up mic stands, running cords and doing sound check for the wedding. We finally pronounced it "ready" in time for Ned to change into his tuxedo. I still haven't listened to it--I don't want to know if the sound is good or bad, because if it's bad I'll be depressed and there isn't anything I can do to repair it at this late date!

What can I say about the wedding. It was just beautiful. Alice Nan looked so happy and her brothers grinned like Cheshire cats as they walked her down the aisle to give her away to Joe.

Their mother had been escorted by Tom and Ned, in her decorated wheelchair, looking very proud.

Father Barry (his first name) made the service especially meaningful and did things I'd never seen done at a Catholic Mass (like inviting everyone in the Church, catholic or not, to join in communion and inviting Joe and Alice to con-celebrate the Eucharist with him).

I was surprisingly unemotional throughout the march down the aisle, the exchange of vows and the giving of rings. I didn't cry when Marta sang "Ave Maria" or when Jeri played a flute accompaniment to Marta's singing the communion song.

But when I saw Grandma Sykes stand up to receive communion from Alice Nan, who was giving it out, I lost it. I cried through most of the rest of Mass, off and on.

When Fr. Barry introduced Joe and Alice and they grinned from ear to ear as they marched down the aisle leaving the chapel, you just knew this was a very good thing. I told Alice Nan I had only one complaint: I've been married 41 years; she had been married less than 41 minutes, and she already had three grandchildren. 'Tain't fair!

There followed the endless after-ceremony photos...

...and then we were off to the Santa Barbara Yacht Harbor for the reception, an amazing prime rib dinner. Ned and I took turns taking video at the reception and Ned got into interviewing guests about their messages for the bride and groom.

It all broke up around 10:30 or so and we are now back at Dick and Gerry's, once again so exhausted we can barely move. Walt went to sleep long ago, and as soon as I post this, I will do so myself. We get an extra hour tomorrow, as this is the day to end daylight savings. I am sure I will appreciate the extra hour when morning rolls around!


Rosie REALLY makes herself at home!


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