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15 October 2006

Sometimes when you read a journal entry like this, you have to read between the lines.  You'll understand eventually.

I've started watching The View since Rosie O'Donnell joined the cast.  I hated Starr Jones and avoided the show like the plague, but I do love O'Donnell and have missed things since her show went off.  She was always best when just chatting with other people and so the format of The View is just a lot of fun.

As I write this, there is a very graphic discussion of sex going on, the kind of things that women chat about and laugh about.

Sometimes things can be very distracting while I'm working, like yesterday when I inadvertently taped an entire half hour of The View over the stuff I was supposed to be transcribing and didn't discover it until today.

See what I mean about reading between the lines?

Anyway, this morning there was also a discussion about covering up the grey in your hair.  Rosie and Joy both have products that will allow you to brush through your hair when you see the grey roots and it immediately erases them.  Like the tape I just erased so nobody will know what stupid thing I did yesterday.

On another day there was a discussion about when it's right to lie to your friends and if it's ever right.  Like should you lie and say that half of a tape had nothing on it, when you know for a fact you've just erased it so that nobody discovers that it contains half an hour of The View?

You see where I'm going with this.  You just never know who will be reading and you sincerely hope that people who are part of your broader circle of friends and acquaintances understand and are discreet, just like you hope that you never really have to lie about terrible things because you plan to take every precaution to never have something like this happen again. 

If you get my drift.

This morning I had a telephone call from Edward Snyder, the actor who is starring in the upcoming production of "Myth, Propaganda and Disaster in Nazi Germany and Contemporary America," the show for which I interviewed director Jade McCutcheon recently, and attended a rehearsal last week.

What an absolutely fascinating guy.  Kind of the person who you say "hello--tell me all about yourself" and then just type away while he talks.  I did have some starting questions, concerning what I had observed at rehearsal and the intensity of the whole process that got him going.

At the conclusion of the interview, after I had this veritable goldmine of information to sift through and write the article (which I can now do), he thanked me for the interview and said that in all the people who had ever interviewed him for anything, I had asked the best questions and that he had been "burned" in interviews before and so he's kind of "reporter-shy," but he trusted me.

Whew!  What an amazing compliment. 

When I finished interviewing Jade, she said I was a good listener. 

I don't think it's so much me.   In fact, I think I'm a crappy interviewer.  I listen to the tapes after I finish and realize there is too much of MY story in them and that cuts off the person I'm interviewing, but I get caught up in the conversation and forget that it's an interview, not a coffee klatch.  In trying to put the subject at ease, I put myself so much at ease that I forget I'm actually a reporter.

But Jade was such a fascinating woman and her process such a fascinating process and the whole play sounds like such an intriguing play that it was so easy to be a good listener, to ask the good questions and to be the kind of reporter I'd like to be in every interview.

Now I just have to translate these notes into a feature article that doesn't embarrass either this actor or the director and ends up with an article which will make people want to go and see the play.

Phone interviews are something new for me.   In the past, I've relied on a tape recorder, but when I realized I could type as fast as people talked, I've started doing more of this kind of interview.  It also has the advantage that I won't ever have to worry about taping The View over some important bit of information.



Rosie REALLY makes herself at home!


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