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12 October 2006

The best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry

I don't know if our plans are going awry or not.  They can't stay the same for longer than a few hours.  I'm sure in the end everything will come out just fine, but at the moment, e-mail is flying fast and furious around the world.

AliceNan.jpg (37950 bytes)The ultimate goal is to attend the wedding of Walt's sister, October 28th, in Santa Barbara.  It is her first marriage.  She's 61, but she didn't want to rush into things.  She and her husband-to-be have only been dating for about 15 years.  Needless to say, we are just thrilled about the wedding and so happy that Walt's mother is here to see her daughter finally tie the knot.

Nora.jpg (36612 bytes)Cousin Nora is coming from Ireland for the wedding, and therein lies the confusion.  Nora isn't my cousin, or even Walt's cousin.  She is Walt's mother's cousin.  I can't remember exactly how old she is, but I think she's 72 now.  She has been to the States twice, Walt and I have stayed with her in Dublin several times, and everybody in the family has, at one time or another, either met her or stayed with her while traveling through Ireland.  Even Paul and Audra spent a night or two with her when they took their honeymoon in Ireland.   She's one of the nicest, most fun people I know and I am looking forward to seeing her again, and am thrilled that she is coming all this way to be here for the wedding.

The complication comes with what to do with her before the wedding.  She arrives in the states on the 19th, 9 days before the wedding.  When the plan was first made, I volunteered to drive down at that time and entertain her while the wedding plans are going on, because she wants to be here, to visit with everyone, but she doesn't want to be in the way.  And I want to relieve Walt's sister of the feeling she has to take care of Nora while she's trying to do all the last minute stuff for her wedding (and besides, this gives me lots of one-to-one (or two) visiting time with Nora before the town gets overrun with relatives and wedding guests).

So far so good.

It was still good when Nora said she would be traveling with her ex-daughter-in-law, Kathy.  Nora has had some heart problems in the past and I think she wants to be sure that there will be someone to transport her body back to Ireland if she happens to die here!  Kathy has never been to the US before and so finding stuff to do would be simple.  Nora has seen a lot of California; Kathy has seen nothing, and there are things that Nora wants Kathy to see, like the 29 Mile Drive in Carmel, and San Francisco.  Nora wanted to see Hearst Castle, so the plan seemed easy.  Drive up scenic Highway 1.  Stay in San Luis Obispo, go to Hearst Castle the next day, then drive to Carmel, stay in Carmel for a night, then drive to SF where we spend 2 days (including lunch with my mother in Marin County), meet Walt in SF (he'll come down by train), and we'll drive back down the straighter, less scenic, but faster Highway 101 to Santa Barbara in time for the wedding.

Sounds simple, doesn't it?

Well, it was until Nora called the other night to say that Kathy won't be coming.  Her son crushed his foot while working on a car and is in a heavy cast with nobody to help him.  At the same time, I learned that the Long Beach cousins will pick Nora up at the airport and take her home with them, returning her to Santa Barbara on the 21st, which throws the timetable for all the sightseeing and returning to Santa Barbara in time a bit off.

But that's OK because Kathy isn't coming, so we don't have to do as much.  We can still see Hearst Castle, which Nora wants to see, and then just come back to Santa Barbara and meander around that picturesque city, which she also said she would enjoy doing, but the problem with that plan is that there isn't anywhere for Nora to stay because all the houses are full and the housing arrangements Walt's sister had made for her don't start until the 25th.

Then I got an e-mail from Walt's sister saying that she had just talked with Nora and it turns out that Kathy is coming after all, so all plans are back on again, except we can't leave until after the bridal shower.

I figured that we could still see Hearst Castle, and still do everything, including picking Walt up in SF, but cut short the San Francisco portion of the tour.  I can easily do the city tour in one day.  I do it all the time.

Literally 10 minutes later,  Walt's sister e-mails again and I learn that Kathy may be coming, but it's not certain yet.  

I know that everybody is juggling 1000 things with respect to the wedding; I'm dealing with very few things, but I like to have a clearer plan just for dates and places.  I'm juggling one car and two people who need it.  As it is now, Walt is planning to rent a car just so he can drive Sheila to the kennel (Ashley has generously offered to take Lizzie while I'm gone).   He'll go to SF by train and I'll meet him in SF, so he can ride with us to Santa Barbara. I'm planning to stay with friends in Santa Barbara and it would be nice to let them know when I'll actually be there. 

And it would be nice to know when I have to drive down to Santa Barbara.  I was originally going to drive down on the 17th so I could pick Nora up at the airport in Los Angeles on the 18th.  Now with the cousins picking her up, I don't need to leave here until the 20th or 21st.  If we aren't leaving for our trip until after the shower, there's no point in driving down too soon.  

I don't know how many more times the plans will change between now and next week, but it's sure nice that we have this opportunity to

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Rosie REALLY makes herself at home!



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Jeri and Phil went driving to see fall colors
in New Hampshire this weekend...this was
taken with her phone camera

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