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8 October 2006

As I wrote to Walt when I sent him an e-mail...

What's in a name?
A Rosie by any other name would still leap on you...

I'm trying out a new name for our new girl.  The thing about Rosie is that she leaps.  She leaps at the door, at the counter, at the table, and especially at your body, whether you are facing her or walking away from her.  She flies from the floor into my lap and then leaps back onto the floor again and then leaps into my lap again.

This morning as I was getting her breakfast, while she continually leaped at my back, the only thing that came to mind was "leaping lizards!"

Then I stopped.

Lizard.  What a great name!

Funny thing about pet names.  It's one thing to pull one out of the top of your head when you have puppies to raise or new fosters who need names.   You know that whoever ends up with them will give them whatever name seems right.   But when it's your own dog and you're going to be living with this dog for the next 10 or more years, you want to make sure that the name just seems to work.

"Happy" never seemed right.  Everybody always assumed that she was a male dog.  Happy just sounds like a boy's name.

I liked "Rosie."  I still like "Rosie" as a name for her. But I don't want to get into a rut and I already named one of our puppies "Rosie" back in May of last year.

Rosie I

"Rosie" fits this dog, but "Leaping Lizard" is so perfect and nobody would question why we gave her that name. 

We wouldn't stand out in the street and call her "Lizard," of course.  You have to try out "calling names" before settling on one which won't embarrass you when the dog runs off and you have to run after her calling her name (which our friends who named their dog "Milhouse" forgot to do). 

No, like champion dogs who are given names like "Sno Classic Piece of My Heart," "Aramis Always Add a Bay Leaf," "Happylegs Gold Dust Woman," or "Cutwater Rise and Shine" (real names taken off the results from the Westminster Kennel Club — I'd love to know the story behind "Aramis Always Add a Bay Leaf"!), they all have "calling names," and Leaping Lizard's calling name would be, of course, Lizzie.

Lizzie1.jpg (28131 bytes)
"Lizzie?  Me?"

I was watching the dog as she leaped her way around the house and the more I thought about it, the more I liked "Leaping Lizard."

Then I thought of something I hadn't thought about in years.   David Gerrold has been writing a book series, "The War Against the Chtorr," for about the past 20 years, and his heroine is named Lizard Tirelli.   So calling a bitch "Lizard" was not unprecedented.

We're trying out "Lizzie" right now.  I think it's a cute name, a more distinctive name than "Rosie" and I think it just might work.



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