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30 November 2006

Well, it's almost time.  It will be time on Tuesday. 

It will be time to let the puppies go.

This is the point in their lives when people who read this journal really enjoy hearing about them because they are so much more active, and so much cuter.  This is the point in their lives when I start to get tired because they are so much more active, and require so much more work.

This is the time when I get really good about doing touching-the-floor exercises because I spend so much time picking up poop and wiping up urine.  Walt, bless him, helps out when he's home, but mostly it's just me.  At 3 a.m. when they need to get out to relieve themselves, at 6 a.m. before I feed them, after I feed them (Walt usually is around to help a bit with this), around 10 a.m. when they get out for play-and-poop time, at noon before they have lunch, after lunch, at 3 when they have another play-and-poop time, at 5 or so before their dinner, after their dinner, and then Walt is here to help with the play-and-poop before bedtime and then we are back to 3 a.m. again.

Each p-&-p session involves 30 minutes of monitoring them with Lizzie, who, now that they are older, thinks that the best thing to do with them is grab them, usually by trying to put their whole head in her mouth, and dragging them around.

They've learned how to run under the playpen to escape her...and she's trying to figure out how to get her big body all the way under the playpen.  So far she's only managed to get the front half of her body under the pen.

But the brutal fact is that they need more than I can give them now.  They need more room to run around unsupervised.  They are getting too big to spend all their time in a playpen, only let out for brief periods.  They need room to explore, to fall asleep wherever they fall, to grow bigger.  They are growing so fast you can almost watch them getting bigger now.

If the weather were better, I could keep them and let them play in the back yard, with a bigger fence to separate them from Lizzie and Sheila for long periods, but it's been in the 30s and 40s, and I just don't want to stick them outside when it's so cold.

So I suggested to Ashley that she move them.  She's found a home, but they can't take them until Tuesday, so I have them for almost a week more.

Of course this is also the time when I start thinking about what it will be like to have to turn them over to someone else to supervise their growing up.

I've written to the new family, telling them where they have been living (the playpen), what they've been eating, and the kind of schedule they are on.  I've sent them links to journal entries and to pictures on Flickr, but there are some things you just have to learn for yourself.

I wonder if the new family will figure out that Panda will only go to sleep without crying when she's in a lap sucking on somebody's finger.  (Come to think of it, since she's only sucked on my finger, I wonder if she will suck on someone else's.)

Will they realize that Pinkie likes to have long conversations, or rather, likes to sit in my lap staring at me intently as I speak to her, trying to figure out who I am and why I look so different from the other 4-legged creatures in the house.  I can almost watch her think as I talk to her and when you see how she stares at you, it makes you want to talk to her.

Will they sit in another room and hear strange vocalizations and know, without getting up to check, that it's Blue?

I'm sure they'll do fine.  I'm sure they'll make their own discoveries...and I'm sure they will give the puppies names that work for them (they are no longer "rainbow puppies," after all, since their identifying threads are gone.  How silly to name a black and white puppy "Pinkie" or "Blue"!). The puppies are so sweet and so endearing.  And, judging by how fast they are growing, I probably won't even recognize them by the time they go up for adoption at Petco.

I'm sure going to miss them, but there's always a new batch of puppies coming along that need some lovin'.


Golde and Pinkie
(You do know that "Golde" is pronounced "Gold-a," don't you?)



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