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27 November 2006

Whew.  I spent yesterday doing what I've been threatening to do for a long time and it took much longer than I anticipated.

I spent the time organizing Flickr photos.  Flickr allows you to group photos into "sets," which can be viewed as a slide show, but the one thing people have been clamoring for for a very long time is the ability to create "sets of sets," which isn't a slide show, but which would be a place to group like-sets. It would be nice to group all of my puppy pictures, for example, into a "puppy set set."  But that doesn't seem to be possible.

However, folks have come up with work-arounds, which involve creating a mega set for specific sets and then posting links to other sets.  This, for example, is how I set up the "puppy mega set"

As you can see, there are links to each set down the left side and then a photo from each set on the right.  Ideally, you should be able to click on the photos and have it take you to the set, but you can't do that.  But it gives an idea of what is in each set and then links to the sets.  I can see that it is going to make it easier for me to remember what I have, whether anybody else appreciates it or not.

I made mega sets of all the:  Puppy sets, the Dog sets (all the foster dogs we've had who weren't puppies, as well as the sets for Sheila and Lizzie and misc. non-SPCA dogs), Zoo sets, Social gatherings (which includes family holidays, and gatherings with friends), 3 Travel sets for International travel, USA travel, and California travel.  There's a flowers sets mega set, one for Walt's sister's wedding and all the stuff that went on during that week (including the travel I did with Nora and Kathy), a gay sets mega set, and then a "theme sets" mega set.  I've contributed photos to so many Flickr "themes" that I've actually forgotten what most of them were, so here they are, now, grouped all together in one big mega set.

Some of the sets work for two different mega sets.  For example, some of the sets from Alice's wedding week also fit in the California travel mega-set, and some of the gay sets also go in the San Francisco sub-section of the California travel mega set.

I think it took me about 5 hours to do it all, which is one reason I haven't tackled this job before (and probably shouldn't have done it today, but what the heck--it's Sunday). 

One neat thing was to have all the dogs grouped together.  I had forgotten how many puppy litters and foster dogs we've had over the past couple of years.  It was kind of neat to have a place where they are all together.

When I wasn't working on reorganizing Flickr I was following puppies around cleaning up poop (it's amazing how big an issue puppy poop has become in my life lately!) and laughing at the antics of these little guys as they go gamboling across the floor.

Watching both Lizzie and Sheila with them is just so much fun.  Lizzie is particularly good with them, though I wouldn't leave her alone with them, since she tends to want to carry them by putting their heads in her mouth and picking them up that way, but now that they are playing, she will lie down on her back and let them climb all over her, and even try to find somewhere on her to nurse.

Sheila has always had to be watched closely with puppies.  She's usually very good with them, but she's so strong that in her enthusiasm she can hurt them by one playful swat with a big paw, so I never let the puppies out unless I'm right there to make sure they don't get hurt.  But I think being around these two big dogs is good for them to learn doggie etiquette that a two-legged, fur-less mother can't teach them.




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