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26 November 2006

If you watch television, you have undoubtedly at some point seen the commercial for Ferrero Rocher chocolates, though you may not have paid attention.  It begins with someone holding a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates under his arm ringing the doorbell.  The chocolates are a gift for the hosts of a Christmas party.

I hate this commercial.

Why?  Because the doorbell sounds exactly like ours and the dogs go nuts.  They bark and bark and bark and bark.  They bark in the house and then, when I don't get up, they run out and bark in the back yard, running to the gate to see who is ringing the bell.

The commercial seems to run so often during the daytime that I actually wrote to the company and suggested they change the damn commercial!  I don't expect to get any feedback or satisfaction, but I can't wait until the holidays are over and they find some other way of advertising their chocolates.

I seem to be having difficulty with products in general these days. 

I've used Ban roll on deodorant for a very long time.  I am very product-loyal, not out of any love of a particular product, but mostly because it's too much trouble to decide which product I'm going to change to.

I'm not sure why I happened to buy Secret solid deodorant several months ago.  I think it was when I was traveling and didn't have my regular deodorant with me and had to make do.

In any event, there is now Secret in the bathroom cupboard and morning is just too early to have to decide whether to use roll on or solid.

The Secret sits next to my Colgate Clean Mint toothpaste, which I started using when Emeril started advertising BAM! all the new flavors.  Tried a couple, loved this one, and have been using it ever since.

The problem, of course, as you can plainly see, is that the bottle that the toothpaste comes into is somewhat similar in shape to...well, to a bottle of solid deodorant.

Which is how I almost went out the door this morning with minty fresh armpits.

Don't you feel stupid when you do something like that?

I remember being at a restaurant one time and having a big plate of spaghetti.  I grabbed the container of parmesan cheese and began sprinkling liberally over my pasta, only to discover I had grabbed the container of sugar instead.  Sweet spaghetti is quite an experience, lemme tell you.

We won't talk about the cinnamon rolls I made with chili powder because it looked so much like cinnamon, OK?  (Now there  was a taste sensation!)

The puppies have now been on solid food for about a week now, so it's old hat. The longer we take care of puppies like this, the better I get at it.  I started feeding puppies in the kitchen (pre-Pergo), which was a horrendous mess (I think we never did get all the mash out of the cracks in the linoleum!); then I fed them outside (where I could hose down the patio).  Since it's really too cold to feed them outside, I'm now feeding them in the cages and it works perfectly.  I line the cage with a towel and when they are finished, I just gather up the towel and it's all clean and ready for the next meal.  Works great. 

They are also so much more active now.  This is the fun part,  when they start testing out their wobbly puppy legs, running across the family room floor (sliding on the Pergo--they remind me of Bambi trying to cross the icy pond), learning to grab cloth and pull on it...

...climbing on everything, trying to get up on everything, playing with Lizzie and Sheila, but tiring out after 5-10 minutes and then sleeping for several hours.

Their schedule now is:  6 a.m. wake up and run around the family room, pooping.  Have breakfast.  Get back on the floor to play with Lizzie until they start to tire.  Back into the playpen to sleep until noon.  Repeat at noon (except play is outside instead of inside--hopefully pooping is outside too!), and 6 p.m. and then, if lucky, not until 6 a.m. again.

In another month what is so cute now will start to become a pain trying to keep them all corralled as their abilities to really get into trouble and their stamina grows, but for now they're more fun than television, just sitting here watching them run around the room.





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