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25 November 2006

While everyone else in the country was trying to figure out what to do with leftover turkey, we were having ours today.

The day started at a decent hour, 6, with the puppies waking up.  I fed them, let them play with Lizzie, and then they napped while we got things ready to go to my mother's.  The goal was to be out of here by 9 and since we were on the road by 9:30, we didn't do too badly (often when we say we'll leave by 9, it's 10:30 before we're actually in the car).

The puppies were packed in a carrying case and I hoped that they would be like some human babies, be soothed by the motor and just sleep the whole way.


Three of the puppies slept the whole way.  Golde set up a howl and did not stop the entire trip.  I got out twice to let her pee and poop, but though she seemed relieved, it didn't stop her from screaming.  I tried holding her, but she was too squirmy and I had to put her back in the cage. Shortly before we got to my mother's, there was an angry "woof!" from one of the other pups.  The meaning was very clear:  "SHUT UP!"

My cousin Peach, her husband Bob and their dog Molly had beaten us there.  Molly is old and blind and I don't think she even knew there were puppies there.  But they were the hit of the day.  I was like a mother of a human baby, delighted to hand over the "cuddling task" to someone else for a change.  At one point, after they had all been fed outside, I looked around me and everybody was cuddling a puppy.

(My mother is off to my right, and not in the photo--
but she had a puppy too)

The puppies finally went into the playpen on the porch in the sun and they slept the whole afternoon, except for Panda, who curled up in Walt's arms and slept on the couch with Walt.

The rest of us played "65," a new card game to me.  I seem to have lost money and I'm sure they are all gleeful about it, especially my mother who is vicious in her game-playing.  My cousin's husband Bob played with Molly in his lap, but my mother still beat him.

Eventually Ned and Marta arrived with BooBoo in tow, bringing to six the total number of dogs in the house.  BooBoo is also old and losing senses, so I don't think she knew there were puppies either, and couldn't smell Molly, so there was no trouble having all these dogs there together.

My mother's friend Paula joined us for dinner and we sat around expressing what we were grateful for.  One thing I was not grateful for was that I had been in the bathroom when the puppies had a community poop in the kitchen (hence there are no photos of the event, which caused high hilarity), precipitated by the puppy Marta was holding pooping, considerately, into her hand and not onto the white rug.  I'm sure my mother was pleased that Marta's hand was available, and later, at dinner, when we were expressing what we were grateful for, Marta said she was grateful for soap.

Bob carved the turkey this year and my mother mashed the potatoes, so Walt and Ned (respectively) got a vacation from those chores which they normally do each year.

It was an early evening.  I was very aware of having left Lizzie and Sheila at home and how hungry they were going to be (and fearful of another angry neighbor telephone call about barking dogs), so we packed up the puppies and headed home.

Miraculously, Golde slept all the way home.  The puppies played a bit with Lizzie and Sheila when we let them out of the carrying cage, but very quickly got sleepy and they are now fast asleep back in the playpen, where I hope they sleep through the night.




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