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23 November 2006

Neil Kramer is a new blogger I ran across recently, by reading Tamarika's Mining Nuggets.  I don't have a handle yet on Kramer's blog itself, but one of the first entries I came across was about "Thank Your First Commentator Day." 

In the past, on Thanksgiving, I have thanked various people in my life who make life worth living, people like those in my family, my close friends, even the dogs.  I am still thankful for all of these people, but after six years, it's time to find a new angle.

How about thanking the people who have read and supported this journal since its inception, back in March of 2000.  I didn't add a guestbook for more than a year, so I don't know who (other than my friends and relatives) were reading this before August of 2001, but I eventually saw that other people had guestbooks and decided I wanted to find out who, if anybody, was out there.

The very first person who signed my first guestbook was a journalist (we weren't "bloggers" in those days) named Charlene who wrote a lovely Diary-X journal called "Are We There Yet?" which disappeared a long time ago.  She left the first comment, which was:

Just stopping by to say hello and catch up on your recent entries. What a wonderful son you have -- a hunk if I may say so. I may join you in the 850 word challenge since I tend to go on and on. I'll be back soon!

I remember the entry she was referring to.  I had actually typed a column from the local paper just so I could count how many words were in the column and figured that 850 was a standard column.  So I decided I was going to take 850 as my daily goal and see if I could (a) write that many words every day, and (b) keep it to no more than that many words.  I suspect that on most days I still maintain that goal, though I haven't counted words in years.  I suspect that if I were to average out all the entries, the average would be about 850 words.

I doubt that Charlene is still around reading this any more, but if you are, Charlene, thanks so much for being not only the very first person to leave a guestbook entry, but also, when you were writing your own journal, a real inspiration to write as well as you did.  If I'm not mistaken she won the award for best new journal the year she began writing (I had won it the year before).

Since I don't know if Charlene will ever see this, I will, instead, thank the second poster to my guestbook, which was my friend Tricia, whose journal has moved from where it was to Blogger now, a blog called "Queen of This Space," which hasn't been updated in a long time.  Tricia is someone that I first encountered on CompuServe and became part of our CompuServe women's group, of which I have written before--the group that tries to meet, if not yearly, at least "intermittently," at various places around the world (from Burbank to Orkney--and how much more eclectic can you get?)

So it's really cool that Tricia was the second person to sign the guestbook and that she continues to read this journal, at least intermittently.

But thanks to everybody who either signs the guestbook (or now, the "comments" section) on a regular basis or who are part of the notify list and write notes which we share in e-mail--people like Jim of Jim's Journal, Doug of NilkNarf News, Bozoette Mary, and the other Mary of My Life, for What It's Worth, Ellen of Under the Microscope, Diane of Aging and Knitting and Chatting, and more recently, my good friend and adopted brother JoyZeeBoy, as well as several others who are good enough to drop by and sign from time to time.

Thanks also to everybody who reads, but never writes.  Every so often (not too often any more) I check stats and I am always humbled to realize how many people I will never know about or hear from actually read these ~850 words each day.  I thank you all.

Walt and I are actually going to the movies on Thanksgiving day, which is going to be very strange.  Maybe we can find a restaurant which is open and isn't full up afterwards so I don't have to cook.

We are actually having a Thanksgiving dinner on Friday instead, at my mother's.  Ned and Marta (who are spending tonight with Marta's family) will be there as well as my cousin and her husband.

Where I would love to be on Thanksgiving night is Tom & Laurel's house in Santa Barbara, where they are hosting their very first Thanksgiving dinner.  Knowing what a fantastic cook Tom is, and what a good complement to him Laurel is, I'm sure it's going to be a fabulous dinner!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  May you be with people you love and have a memorable evening.





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