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22 November 2006

This started out as an e-mail, but it was so descriptive that I decided to turn it into a journal entry.  It was written Monday night, right after I'd driven down to the SPCA thrift store to pick up a big of puppy mash....

The puppies woke up around 5:30 and since I had been out about an hour earlier to pick up the mash, I decided that NOW was the time to get them all eating solid food. I decided the little cage was too small for all four to get to the dish, so I set it up in the big cage, put the food in it, put the puppies in it and hoped for the best.

Blue is by now a real food pro, so he dived right in. Miraculously, after some confusion, Pinkie started scarfing it up too. Panda and Golde just kept getting more and more frantic. They cried they ran around, they wouldn't put their faces down to where the food was. I finally got on the floor and half into the cage, putting stuff on my finger, which they would lick off, but still would not go near the bowl.

So I decided to separate them so they didn't have to fight Blue and Pinkie for the bowl that was already there. Fix them their own bowl and put them in the upper cage, which I did. Still no luck. They still cried and cried. Panda began to sniff the food and lick at it.  I thought she might actually eat, but there was no way Golde was going near that bowl, so I decided to give in and just feed her formula.

I opened the cage door to get her and she was so frantic, she kind of leaped out of the cage, and fell onto the floor. I cannot tell you how terrible I felt. She seems to be OK, but I won't stop worrying until morning when she wakes up.

Anyway, I started feeding Golde but Panda was, by now, having nothing to do with the solid food and kept crying, but quietly, because Panda is a nice, considerate little puppy.

I finished with Golde and by now Pinkie had finished eating, so I got her cleaned up, made formula for Panda and settled in, leaving the big cage door open so Blue could get out when he finally finished cleaning the plate.

I settled into the recliner with Panda and Blue went berserk. He was full and he wanted out of the cage, but he wouldn't come toward the door. He just went to the side of the cage where the door he knows is in the smaller cage. Panda was sucking furiously on my finger and I couldn't get to Blue and that poor baby just cried and cried and cried. He was so pathetic that he started sounding like a human baby and I swear you could hear "mama...mama...mama" in his cries.

Panda finally finished eating and I put her in the playpen with the others, who were by now exhausted and sleeping. Then I had to get Blue. Getting Blue out of the big cage on the floor is easy if you have knees that bend and that you can kneel on. It would have made a great film for "America's Funniest Home Videos" I had to practically crawl into the cage to get him, and all the while he is pathetically trying to climb up the bars of the cage on the side farthest away from me, crying "mama, mama!"

I FINALLY got hold of him, took him to the sink (because he was literally COVERED with puppy mash), got him washed off, wrapped him up like a baby and just sat down in a chair with him and let him suck a little bit of formula off of my finger until he finally calmed down.

At this point, Lizzie thought she was getting away with something because she was trying to sneak into the big cage to lick up the left-over food (though actually this was exactly what I wanted her to do).

Finally, when it was all calmed down and all puppies were sleeping, and I was about ready to put the now totally exhausted Blue back in the playpen, Walt walked in the door, having missed it all.  He was just in time to help with clean-up.

Golde woke up about an hour later and started whining and of course I immediately panicked, certain that something horrible was going on with her, but I just held her and she sucked on my finger until she went back to sleep again. She's been sleeping quietly since then.

Not sure how tomorrow is going to go, food-wise, but if they wake up in the middle of the night, they are DEFINITELY getting formula!

Morning report:  Golde is just fine.  The puppies slept until 5:30 a.m. and all started their usual howl when they saw me.  I fixed a bowl of mash for Pinkie and Blue and formula for Panda and Golde.  That seemed to work just fine and everybody was happy. 

By afternoon, I was able to get Panda eating mash and, after having some formula, even Golde took some as well.  We are definitely on our way toward total weaning.


Just got sent this photo.  It's Mama Carmen
and the rest of the litter.
Look kinda familiar, don't they??



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