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21 November 2006

Lizzie is now officially ours.  Or will be as soon as I write out the check.  But I have all the paperwork and we can go ahead and get her license.

She's also officially now a bargain basement dog. 

"We'll only charge you $100 instead of $150," they said, "because...well, because you're Bev!"

I took that to mean that foster parents get a bit of a discount when they fall in love with one of their foster dogs and decide to keep it.  Can't give the dogs away, because of all the costs that go along with them. 

Now here's a good example of how really, really bad I am at math.  I was trying to figure out the title for this entry and wanted to make it "cheap at XX the price."  I'll bet just about everybody out there would look at $100, the price marked down from $150 and instantly know it was 2/3.  Me?  I had to figure it out.  And how did I figure it out?  By making it a story problem.  Apparently whatever nun taught us fractions really drilled it into us because I know that "is" goes over "of" and so I had to say to myself "100 IS what percent OF $150" and then visualize 100 over 150, then knock off the two zeros and then figure out what 10/15 reduced to.  How dumb is that???

I came home from Petco to let Lizzie know that she now had a permanent home and she seemed to spend the afternoon getting into mischief -- chewing up things, leaping up to check the kitchen counter, trying to tear off the mesh side of the puppies' new play pen, barking outside, etc.  Every bad habit she has she decided to test out as soon as the papers were signed.

I waved the piece of paper that tells us we can give her back to Ashley if we get tired of her.  Harumph.  That'll show her!

"oh yeah?"

But in all honesty, her bits of mischief are part of her charm and are the things that keep me laughing, if only in exasperation some times. 

I'm not sure Walt is as sold on this "perfect" dog, but I'm afraid that she's here to stay.

I joined the Holidailies group again this year.  I kind of think of joining something like Holidailies as cheating for me.  2006 is the 7th annual Holidailies project, where people with journals or blogs agree to write an entry a day from December 1 to January 1 and post summaries of each entry to the Holidailies site.

Two people named Jette and Chris started the project as a way of encouraging people to write more, and as a way to get traffic to your site, to introduce yourself to people who may never have read any of your stuff before.

The NaBloPoMo project is kind of the same thing--write an entry every day in the month of November (though I didn't actually discover that site in time to become an official participant).

For someone like me, who has posted almost every day for nearly seven years (this is entry # 2,427, by the way!), agreeing to write an entry a day is a no-brainer.  The easiest promise I'll ever make!  But I make these promises for two reasons:  first, the obvious reason of putting myself out there for people who may never have read this journal before, and who might enjoy reading it; and second, because checking the Holidailies each day introduces me to new journals.  Some of the journals I read every day now came originally from Holidailies.

Last year I almost missed the registration deadline.  In fact, I did miss the deadline, but because I had participated the previous two years, they let me in under the wire.  This year I set a reminder for myself a year ahead of time so I'd remember to join.

I've checked all the early registrants.  There will eventually be a lot more, but I'm surprised to see that some of the people who have registered for Holidailies have not updated since June.  So this project is obviously going to be a big task if they follow through.  For me, I don't even have to worry, or even think about it much at all.

But I do encourage anybody who has a journal or blog, who may not have heard of or participated in Holidailies before, go to the site and consider joining the fun.  Well...I think it's fun.  But then, I'm easily amused.


"Whaddya mean, it's your chair?"



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