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16 November 2006

In each life, everyone supposedly gets 15 minutes of fame.  And every dog has its day.  Lizzie apparently got 15 (or so) seconds of fame on November 7.

Remember this video?

Doggie Cam

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It was the funniest video I've made.  My favorite of the more than 400 videos I've posted on line. 

When Ellen Degeneres put out calls for funny videos, I sent the YouTube link for the video to the show.  I watched for the next couple of weeks, fully expecting to see Lizzie on screen, but never did and I was disappointed, but decided that she was probably so inundated with videos that nobody ever looked at Lizzie's video. 

However, I received an e-mail from my sister-in-law last night saying that she had her husband had been cleaning up some of the Ellen shows they had saved on their DVR and there was Lizzie, on Ellen's November 7 dog and cat show (guest star that day was Russell Crowe).

I watch Ellen every day and missed this particular show!!!!

I've decided Lizzie is a media maven anyway.  The cage of puppies has become "Lizzie TV," as she gets as much enjoyment out of sitting there watching the puppies as I do sitting and watching Ellen.

This morning she got into her Lassie mode.  We had moved the puppies from the upper cage to the lower cage so I could clean out the upper cage (these guys are so prolific with their urine, that you pretty much need to completely change all the bedding every time you feed them).  I had fed Blue and Pinkie and returned them to the clean upper cage, and was feeding the Golde, leaving only Panda in the lower cage.

The lower cage has a dog bed in it a vain attempt, once, to cage Lizzie at night and Panda managed to climb over the back of the dog bed and was stuck between the cage bars and the bed itself and not very happy about it.  Lizzie got progressively agitated, watching the puppy struggle and finally let out a bark (which I interpreted as "hang on and I'll go get help") and then raced outside to the patio to check the other side of the cage (the cage is up against the sliding glass door to the back yard).

Of course, being only a dog, and not Superdog, once Lizzie got outside, she became distracted with chasing Sheila, but I'm sure she fully intended to run for help.

("What's the matter, girl?  Is the puppy in the well?")

The puppies are at a point where they seem to change daily, sometimes hourly.  They are growing like weeds and now are more mobile, wobbling around on unsteady legs, pacing back and forth in the small cage (I will eventually move them to the playpen, which has more room, but I hate to deprive Lizzie of her view of the puppies).

These guys are somehow different from others we have had.  Maybe it's that they have no pit bull in them and I'm just not used to that.  Now that they can see, they will sit at the bars of the cage and watch the world.  Or they will lift up on their hind legs, rest their front paws on one of the cross bars and look out. 


A couple of them are teething on the bars of the cage.

Pinkie and Blue

When they just sit there, dog-like, they have such a spaniel look about them.  We don't know what Dad was, but Ashley thinks that, given how much black all 10 puppies have, that he might have been a black Lab.

Teeth.  They have teeth.  Well, actually so far Pinkie is the only one where I can feel the actual teeth, but I can feel the teeth buds in the others and they are doing something weird, which I remember other puppies doing--clenching their gums very tightly when I try to feed them.  I'm thinking this is teething behavior.  I fully expect all of them to have feel-able teeth by tomorrow.

They all have opened eyes now, though I'm not sure how much focus they have yet.  But they definitely react to light.  At night I cover the cage so they will sleep better.  In the morning I can hear them moving around, making barely perceptible noise.  As soon as I remove the cover, all four heads pop up and the noise level rises significantly and they all start rushing to the door.  "Take me!  Feed ME first!"

I don't remember any of our other puppies doing "practice barking."  These guys have discovered their voice, especially Blue, who will sit in the cage, even after being fed, and just give puppy yips, like he's just discovered that he can do it. Sometimes the puppies actually sit there and give little puppy howls.


Something else I don't remember other puppies doing is licking each other.  It's like these guys have discovered their tongues.  They spill so much milk when eating that when I put them back in the cage, the others gather around to lick the milk-soaked fur. 

Pinkie and Blue

Other puppies we've had have nursed on each other, but then we've usually had male puppies and there was something nipple-like to nurse on.  I've seen these girls sucking on each other's ears now and then, but nothing like the dedication of a litter of male puppies missing Mama and looking in the right place to find her.



I put the puppies in the bottom cage while I was cleaning
theirs and they ended up going to sleep hanging out
over the bars of the cage!
(Left front: Pinkie, Blue; back: Panda)



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