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15 November 2006

I had an entry all set to post here today, about the puppies.  I'll probably post it tomorrow, though I'll post the video today.

But as I was getting it ready to post, I received one of those requests to sign a petition.  When I get something like that it's usually for a good cause, one that I believe in.  Things like saving whales or trees or baby seals, or expressing displeasure with whatever it was that the current administration did today or things like that.

This one, however, hit closer to home.

This one was about Davis.

Davis is one of those "good" towns.  You know the kind.  The place where "'it' couldn't possibly happen here."  We have the clean streets and we ship the homeless off to other places.  We are mostly a white town (not my choice, but the government sent us here) and racism is hidden under the rug, though anybody who is not a WASP knows too well that it exists.

Davis is the kind of place you see on the nightly news where they interview people with total shocked looks on their faces after some unspeakable tragedy.  "How could it happen here?"

And yet Davis has had its share of major tragedies.  There was the murder of two high school kids following a rehearsal of the Davis Children's Nutcracker, whose murder went unsolved for years.

There was the stabbing of an Asian student on the high school grounds, in view of some of the students.  But racism doesn't happen in this town so "how could it happen here?"

We are accepting, tolerant, politically correct, liberal.  We voted against Arnold, against Bush, pro all the liberal issues.  We are the good guys.

But we're the guys who still sell Boy Scout Christmas Trees, even though Ellen, Shelly and I keep reminding the town that the Boy Scouts of America discriminates against gay kids.  But what's the harm in a little discrimination, right?  Nobody would really do anything to actually harm a gay kid.  We are the good guys.

Here is the situation which the petition I was asked to sign addresses.  It is about the son of a gay couple living in liberal, progressive, tolerant, accepting Davis

"A week after the firebombing of our car, our home was toilet papered and egged.  We have since found out that the toilet papering and egging were related to homophobia our son has faced at his school.  The police have stated that the firebombing and the egging are unrelated, but the two incidents have terrorized our family. 

Over the past year he has been subject to a litany of derogatory statements from students at his school.  These statements transformed into physical bullying at school, and now have reached our doorstep. 

We have attempted to address this issue with the principal and the school district administration: the reception has been cold and lackluster.  The principal has attempted to justify the victimization of our son by stating that, "the student consensus is that your son is annoying, that he talks too much."  The principal gave suspensions to two children involved in the egging and five other children received detentions.  Unfortunately, there were fourteen students, at least, that have been involved in the taunting of our son.  The Friday following the weekend egging, we attempted to put our son back into school, with reassurances of safety.   He was harassed on that Friday and on the following Monday.  The students involved did not receive punishment for that Friday or Monday series of incidents.  During a meeting on Tuesday, the principal suggested that we put our son in another school, or perhaps consider independent study, isolating the victim further.  The principal further stated that he didnít care if we brought out protesters, that he didnít care if we complained to the districtóheís doing his job, and if they didnít like it, they could fire him.  With the help of another individual, we were able to persuade him to take action: but the statements of the principal during a PA announcement and an address to the school did not go far enough to explicitly state that there was a ZERO TOLERANCE policy regarding homophobia, a policy that is already included in the disciplinary matrix of Davis Joint Unified School District.  Students felt the message was weak.  When meeting with the district, they attempted to put the issue back onto the victims, including my partner and myself.  We would like your help to push the school district and the schools to address this issue with the necessary gravity to prevent further injustice in the schools, and to assure a safe place for all students." 

A letter from a close friend:

"In the early morning hours of Saturday, October 14, Richard and Guy's car burned in their driveway.  Mechanical reasons for the fire have been ruled out and arson is being investigated.  At this point there is no suspect for starting the fire.  The entire inside of the car was gutted by fire, something that is unlikely without an accelerant.

Needless to say, Richard and Guy and their 13 year old son are pretty traumatized by this.  They don't know why they have been targeted or what will happen next.


In the early morning hours of last Saturday their house was egged and TPed.  This made them all feel even more vulnerable.  Later on Saturday their son told his dads that he has been subjected to anti-gay name calling for the past two years.  He is in a hostile school environment.  He is called faggot frequently, even in class when teachers are there.  Other kids have teased him about having sex with his father or his fathers.  It turns out that the egging was done by some of these bullies at the school.  It now becomes apparent why their son, who is a very bright and likable boy, has had behavioral, academic and social problems that he had not had previously.  When Guy went to the school to discuss his sonís safety there, the principal investigated and found that his son has psychological defensive behaviors that make him unpopular with other students.  So the victim of the bullying and vandalism was blamed for what has happened.


I have asked Guy not to let their son return to school until the school can assure him that their son will be safe there.  I have also given him information and forms for formal complaint to the state department of education.


These guys all need a lot of support now.  These events have been frightening and the stress has caused a disruption in their relationships and work.  Guy is afraid that if it becomes publicly known that he is gay that his new business of accounting will fail."

If you are as unspeakably incensed about this as I am, please go here and consider signing the petition yourself.  Nobody says you have to live in Davis to sign the petition.

I do live in Davis.

How could this happen here in this enlightened day and age?





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