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14 November 2006

It started with a phone call.  Someone I hadn't heard from in a long time.  Calling with white lies about inability to reach me by e-mail, when it was obvious no such attempt had been made because there was no way my caller could have had my e-mail address.  "I'm not good with computers you know," laughed the caller, saying that "sometimes the mail goes through and sometimes it doesn't."

The real reason was to sell me some stuff that I wasn't interested in buying.  The excuse was that an attempt had been to reach me by e-mail to invite me to a party to view the objects.  I smiled and chatted and lied back, saying that I'd definitely give it my utmost consideration.

The call came with the obligatory small talk.  The problem was that I was in the middle of transferring the videotape of Alice and Joe's wedding to my hard drive.  And when you transfer tape to the hard drive, the audio plays through the camera.  Loudly enough through the camera that it was annoying.  There is no way to turn down the sound.

But I discovered that if you close the camera's viewing screen, it silences the audio as well, so I did that.

We finished our conversation, I sounded friendly and again thanked the caller for calling, and again stated that I'd give the offer all the consideration that it deserved. 

I opened the viewing screen of the camera and watched the rest of the video as it transferred to the hard drive of the computer.

Then I turned off the camera and started processing the video.  I unplugged the camera.

The puppies woke up and I fed them.  Panda is always the cutest one.  Walt picks up the next puppy to be fed and holds it while I'm feeding the present puppy.  Panda nibbles on his beard and earlier in the day, I had taken video of her nibbling on his beard.

The wedding reception video is nearly 50 minutes long and while it was processing, I thought I'd take a look at how much video I had taken of the puppies and decide whether I had enough video to post yet.

That's when I discovered that I've somehow screwed up the viewing option.  This is what I see...

I can only assume that closing the viewing screen while dealing with the caller I didn't want to talk to somehow damaged something,  But I am unable to view videos.  And if I attempt to move the video to the hard drive, the distortion moves with it.

It's not that something happened when I recorded the video, because looking at videos that I'd already transferred--all those other videos from the wedding week--they are as screwed up as the puppy video is.

I am absolutely sick about this.  Obviously.  I'm going to have to find somewhere to take the camera and see if it can be repaired or not. 

At least, I thought, I had already transferred the wedding reception video and I went to the editing program (at the moment I'm using Roxio).  But it stalled.  I closed down all the other programs which were working, but Roxio still was slow as molasses, so I decided to reboot.

When I rebooted, nothing would come up.  The MailWasher program that I use to pre-screen mail supposedly booted but it would display.  I tried to load Firefox but got an error message.  I attempted to open a folder, but it wouldn't open.  I tried opening WordPerfect but it took forever to load--much longer than usual and I finally just shut down the computer.

Could I somehow have damaged the computer as well as the camera?  I was pretty much frantic by this point.  I shut down the computer again and rebooted once more.

Then I went out to the kitchen and ate.  An apple.  Not something high fat.

When I came back, I started Mail Washer and it came up.  I started WordPerfect and it came up.  The computer was back, but of course the camera still doesn't work.

I checked the Canon help site, which accurately described the problem and says that the heads might need cleaning and suggested replacing the videotape, but since I've tried 3 different tapes, that probably isn't the problem

One of the video "gurus" on the videoblogging group says that if it's an internal problem, it's proably cheaper to buy a new camera, but I'm not ready to admit defeat yet.

I found a page where I can (a) find the nearest repair center (which turns out to be only 399.32 miles away) and (b) request an estimate. 

Well, hot appears the camera is still under warranty.  Now I just have to find all the papers that came with it and maybe I can get it fixed.

Find papers?  In this house?  Yeah.  Right.

I'm so screwed.

HE WON!!!!!  I'm adding this as a post script at 1 a.m. before anybody actually reads this entry.  Steve's partner, Jim, just won the Los Angeles Ovation award for "World Premiere Play" for his Zero Hour.  The Ovations are the L.A. version of Broadway's Tony's.  David Hyde Pierce presented Jim his award. Check here for more details and photos.  We saw this play in July and it deserves the award.  I'm so proud!


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