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10 November 2006

"Oh my goodness!" as Shirley Temple used to say.

Have you heard the news?  I don't know how you could have avoided it.  It eclipsed even the Democrats taking control of Congress.  It eclipsed the firing of Donald Rumsfeld.  It pushed the weekly death-rate in Iraq off of the front pages.  It is an event of monumental significance:


I know.  I'm as shocked as you are.  They seemed such a together couple, once Brittney got that little fun trial marriage out of her system and started popping out babies.

If I can ask just one little question, please:  who is Kevin Federline and why do I care?

I have missed the whole blended name chapter in our history of Hollywood royalty.  I wasn't interested in Bennifer or Branjolina or TomKat or whatever this couple was, now apparently unanimously referred to as Fed-Ex.

The whole thing seems so silly.  Can you imagine a HepTray or a TayBur or a GabBard?

I did go through my movie star period.  In my youth, I made a trip each week up to the corner pharmacy, when the latest Photoplay and other movie magazines were delivered.

I devoured stories about my favorite movie stars.  To this day I don't know why I remember the story about Jean Peters' marriage to Howard Hughes.  Out of the hundreds of stories that I must have read over the years, this is one of two that stick with me--how she weathered marriage to a man who was just, at that time, becoming a recluse.

The other story that I still remember was about (no surprise) Judy Garland.  It was called "Always on the Edge of a Scream" and was yet another of the many stories that were written about Garland's emotional problems.  This one just stuck with me.

But I always looked for articles about my favorites--Ann Blythe, Audrey Hepburn, Deborah Kerr and a host of others.  I don't know when I outgrew the fascination with Hollywood celebrities.  I still enjoy movies, I obviously enjoy television, but I could care less about their lives, their loves, their scandals (a whole shelf of celebrity biographies notwithstanding).

And for a divorce to overshadow a national election is just ludicrous, and perhaps why this country is in the state it is in anyway!

Isn't Brittney Spears a shining example of the sanctity of marriage we're trying to preserve for heterosexuals.  How long has the twice married Mrs. Federline been married this time, anyway?  Four years?  Wow.  How long have Ellen and Shelly been together?  More than 30?  Whose marriage displays "sanctity"?

On the puppy front, I started thinking about giving real names to them.  It started with Panda (who used to be "White" and who is now the only one without an identifying thread, since it got too loose and fell off).  I thought about things that are black and white like Orca and Zebra and Skunk.  But they remain Pinkie, Blue, and Golde, which seem more logical names for dogs than "White" anyway.

They seem to really gravitate toward the teddy bear I put in the cage and I sometimes look over at them and see them piled up on top of that stuffed animal, or climbing over it and falling down the other side on their head.  They look like ants on a piece of cheese, constantly in motion, constantly climbing on top of one another.

It is amazing how much more active they have become in just a matter of two days.  Panda remains the taciturn one, the one who never cries for food, who is the lightest weight and the one who does not yet suck on my finger.  She takes less food than the others, but she still gets the same amount she did when she arrived.

Pinkie is the barracuda, absolutely frantic when she knows she's going to eat.  She demanded so much food at 4 a.m. this morning I thought she was going to pop.  Apparently her brother, "Green," who is in the group which remains with Mom and is receiving supplemental feedings, is the biggest in the group and Pinkie is second.

Puppies mature so quickly.  Already I can feel teeth buds under their gums, their nails are getting sharp enough I'm going to have to clip them.  Any day now I expect to see their eyes start to open.

It's fun to have little guys here again, even briefly.


Though Lizzie remains fascinated,
she is very skittish around the puppies
and isn't quite sure what to do with them.



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