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9 November 2006

I can say unequivocally that this is the group of puppies with the healthiest digestive tract we've ever had, if the amount of urine and amount of feces produced is any indication.

I have four living, breathing, furry Betsy-Wetsy dolls.

Betsy Wetsy is one of the few dolls I remember from my childhood.  You fed her with the little bottle and as you fed her, her diaper got wet.  Little did I know that this was something I was going to be doing for a good portion of the rest of my life!  (Well, minus the "bottle" part of it.)

These guys pee large amounts when you stimulate their genitals, as the mother would be doing, and the urine smells like urine; it's not odorless like other puppies have been.

And poop.  Whew!  In the past getting very tiny puppies to defecate was always my biggest challenge.  If there were a doll to represent these puppies, it would be "Boopsy Poopsy" (but I don't see that doll selling as well!)  I had Pinkie in my lap feeding her and very large feces coming out the other end.

I changed the sheet in the cage and within an hour, the puppies had to have baths because of rolling around in the piles of poop.

I don't know if these guys will develop any other problems that will affect their survival, but at the moment, it appears that their digestive tract is working extremely well. 

Jan, the woman who has the six puppy siblings came to get "syringe feeding" lessons.  The mother is still nursing the siblings, but doesn't seem to have enough milk, so Jan is supplementing (she says "Green" is even bigger than "Pink.").  I fed two of the puppies while she was here--first, Pinkie, who has already graduated to sucking on my finger and who downs three syringes full without spilling hardly a drop.  But then, to prove that it was no great talent of mine, I then fed Panda, who is still lethargic, takes only two syringes full, and that with much coaxing and spilling.  I think she gets enough for a feeding, but I wish she'd wake up and start being a little more active.

Blue now sucks on my finger too, some of the time.  Golde falls somewhere in the middle.  At least they all survived the night and seem to be more active today, and just pooping their little butts off.  (Blue actually pooped in my HAND while I was burping him today. Amazing how taking care of newborn puppies very quickly eliminates the "ick factor" from a lot of things. Also amazing how many times I wash my hands when I have little puppies around the place.)

Lizzie continues to be inquisitive about these strange smelling little guys, but we probably won't have them here long enough for them to be mobile and to have an actual interaction with her.

I didn't crop the above photo, as I would normally have done, because it was an historical moment on TV.  GW was speaking with reporters about Rumsfeld's "resignation."  I listened to the whining tone of GW's voice as he rehashed the election, sounding for all the world like a petulant teenager trying to convince his mama that he really HADN't done anything wrong and he didn't know why she was accusing him of doing something.

One thing he said really hit me. He said something to the effect that the public had made it clear that they wanted a bi-partisan approach to governing, that they wanted him to work together with both parties in making decisions.

Uh. Does that mean that for six years he's assumed this was a private little club, only Republicans allowed, and that all those blue people were just seat fillers?

(Kind of a rhetorical question--of course he did).

He also said he would be meeting with the Democratic leadership to "let them know what's been going on." Swell. He should have started that six years ago! Last I heard this was not a uni-partisan country and that only the guys in power got a say on important issues.

And finally, the most unbelievable thing of all, he said -- and this is a direct quote --  “My intention was never to stay the course.”

I missed some of his comments after that because I was so busy choking.


Two of my little Boopsy Poopsies
(note the yellow on the white fur of the paw there)



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