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8 November 2006

Blue, Gold, Pink and White. 

Those are the new puppies. 

I would make up more interesting names, but they are four of a litter of black and white 10 Brittney spaniels (who may or may not be purebred), whose mother (who is purebred) is not feeding them at the moment and so who needed to be bottle fed.

The people in the home where they started their lives, a week ago, put colored string or yarn around each puppy, since they look pretty much identical when they are all clumped together in a big mound, and this way you can keep track of who you have fed and who still needs to be fed, so, especially given that they arrived on mid-term election results night, "the rainbow coalition" seemed a nice way to identify them as a group.

The hope is that the puppies can get on their feet, so to speak, and be reunited with both their siblings and their mother.  So while they are passing through here, I'll just name them according to their colors:  Blue, Gold (probably yellow, but I'm a Cal person, and if I say it's Blue and Gold, it's Blue and Gold), Pink and White.  (Actually it's kind of morphed already into Blue, Golde, Pinkie and Panda...'cause with all those roly poly black and white bodies, someone had to be named "Panda"!)

Blue is a boy; the others are girls.

Sheila saw right away that they were totally helpless, kind of sighed a "here we go again" sigh and went outside.

Lizzie is fascinated.  She sniffs each one, she wants to sniff the formula, when I left one puppy on my lap without me holding it, she started to nibble at his (or her) neck. 

She approaches the cage, which is a smaller cage with the cardboard box the puppies came in inside it, on top of a big cage, and she stands on her hind legs and tries to peek inside the box.  For the safety of the puppies, definitely not to keep them "in," I've securely locked the smaller cage.  The worst Lizzie could do would be to knock the top cage on the floor but I think I have it pretty secure.

I fed all of them right away as soon as they arrived.  Blue had the most problem and took the least formula, but the girls each took about 16 cc of formula.  I felt comfortable going off to vote and then I fed Blue again when I got back home again. He did better the second time around.

As I go to bed, they've all been fed.  Panda is the most difficult to feed and is the smallest--the one I worry about.  Pinkie is the biggest and managed to sneak in an extra feeding because she was the only one demanding it.  Blue is eating better now and Golde is the one who is the easiest to feed with the least amount of spillage.

With newborns, you have to stimulate their genitals to get them to urinate and defecate.  These guys urinate copious amounts--more than any other puppies I've had.  Each of them pees a lot.  So far only one has defecated--I don't know which one it is, but I suspect Pinkie, since she's the one who has had the most to eat. 

OK, all you east coast people, read this and let your conscience be your guide!


I think this is Panda



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