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7 November 2006

David and Mary are the latest couple to leave The Amazing Race.  He's a coal miner from Kentucky; she's a stay-at home mother of three children.  They hoped to win $1 million so they could take their kids to Disneyland.  Prior to Amazing Race Mary had never been outside of Kentucky before, had never met a gay person before (and decided that Tom and Terry, eliminated a couple of episodes ago, were "real nice."), she had never met an Asian person before, had never been on a plane.

[ADDENDUM:  They were guests on The View this morning and were just as lovely in person as they seemed on Amazing Race.  The show gave them a house, several vacations, and Rosie O'Donnell is taking their family on one of her cruises along with the Cho Brothers, who became friends during the course of Amazing Race (see below)]

In the first episode of this season, I was certain that Dave and Mary would be one of the first to be eliminated, but they've hung in there and played the best they could and they've done damn good, though it was pretty obvious, as the teams began to get weeded out, that they wouldn't make it to the end.

This is season 10 of Amazing Race.  I haven't watched them all, but I've seen a few.  This is by far, I think, my favorite.  There are no contestants you love to hate in this season, for example.  There are two guys who are models and friends and recovering drug addicts from Los Angeles who come the closest to being unlikable, but everyone else has been so kind and helpful.

There have been the ditzy blondes on the show before and this time around there are two former beauty queens, who have become known as "the Barbies," for obvious reasons.  But these gals are smart, athletic, and seem genuinely nice. They are out to win, but they lack the edge of meanness that I've seen in "driven" contestants in previous seasons.

The couple I picked at the start as the winners were Peter and Sarah.  Sarah only has one leg, but with her prosthesis is an Ironman Triathlete and motivational speaker.  In the introduction to the show she talked in glowing terms about what a big help Peter had been to her.  The two did amazing things (she climbed a tall perpendicular wall by using a rope, for example), but the longer they lasted, the more contentious their relationship became, and they left the show admitting that they'd always be friends, but that the relationship wasn't going to work.

By the same token, Rob and Kimberly looked, at the beginning, to be the new kvetching couple.  Season 6, had Jonathan and Victoria, who did nothing but yell at each other throughout every show, but who assured everyone, after they had been eliminated and started doing the talk show circuit, that they really were very close, loved each other very much and weren't like the way they were portrayed on the series.  I thought Rob and Kim would repeat that experience, but as the weeks have passed, unlike Peter and Sarah, this couple seems to actually be growing closer through all of the hardships they've endured.

The guys I'm pulling for now are Erwin and his brother Godwin, from San Francisco.  These guys actually brought me to tears last week.  David and Mary were in danger of being eliminated if they didn't come in first place that week.  The two teams had the opportunity to do a "Fast Forward," a special activity that, when completed, allows you to bypass all the rest of the tasks for that day and go right to the final stop for the day.  Only one team can complete a "fast forward" and it's "first come, first served." Erwin and Godwin said that David and Mary needed the "Fast Forward" more than they did and graciously stepped aside to let them do the task.  Because of that bit of generosity, David and Mary were able to stay in the game one more week, and Erwin had to confront his biggest fear--the fear of heights--by climbing a tower 610 feet off the ground. 

I hadn't seen such generosity since Season 5, when the "old guys," Don and MaryJean, gave a team in trouble $20 and later took valuable time out to help another team that was having problems.

When Edwin and Godwin gave up the chance to jump ahead of the others, so David and Mary could stay in the game, I couldn't believe a silly reality show had moved me to tears, but it did.  I'm used to seeing cutthroat, back-stabbing contestants on this show and this was something totally new.

So I'm hoping that Erwin and Godwin take it all, proving that good guys sometimes finish FIRST.


Good bye, were a real inspiration.



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