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6 November 2006

I didn't intend to watch six hours of "24," on Saturday, but I did.  Since we returned from Santa Barbara, I have been working my way through the things recorded on the DVR but hadn't started "24" yet and I knew that on Saturday evening two more episodes would be recorded so I decided to "just watch one."

But of course there was a nail-biting cliff-hanger at the end of the first episode, so I decided I'd watch a second episode.

At the end of the second episode, I had finally tired of people and trucks and buildings blowing up (all with Jack walking away unscathed, of course), so I took a break work?

There wasn't really anything I wanted to watch live on TV after dinner, so I decided I'd watch one more...the new episodes wouldn't be broadcast until 8:30. 

So I watched the first of the remaining two episodes and of course got so hooked into it that I continued watching the second, which ended just shortly after the episodes that were being broadcast were starting, so I began watching those as well.  By the time the first one ended, I decided to watch the last episode in my office and watch "at" it while I "worked."

When the second episode ended, I had now watched six hours of "24" in one day and Walt staggered into my office to say, "Boy, that show is really kind of addicting, isn't  it?"


I told him he should be glad he got "addicted" at almost the end of Season 5 instead of at the stage of Season 1, like I did.

I checked the FOX home page and discovered there are only four more episodes left for me to see in Season 5, so in two weeks I'll be just like the rest of the "24" fans waiting with bated breath for the start of Season 6.

Ashley asked if I could take photos at Petco on Saturday, so I headed over there in the afternoon (on my "24" break!) and spent an hour or so taking pictures of dogs.

It was the usual melee of barking dogs, nervous dogs, depressed dogs, hyper dogs, jumping dogs, browsing would-be dog owners, volunteers conducting interviews, and customers trying to elbow their way through the SPCA crowd to go into the store themselves.

After I finished taking photos, I went to buy treats for Lizzie and Sheila.  Intellectually, I know that the treat bar, which features such cute things as mailman cookies, things that look like Oreos, carob chip cookies, and other such goodies are designed for adults and that dogs would be just as happy munching a pile of cat poo, but I pick up a 1 pound bag if treats whenever I go into Petco.  At $3.99, it's a small price to pay for goodies for the dogs, who get a treat when I leave the house and one when I get back, usually Milk Bone dog biscuits.

Ashley asked if I could take Caramel home with me.  She had a group of dogs who are going to be spayed today and were being picked up by UCD Vet School students on Sunday and just needed someplace to spend the night.

So Caramel came home with me.  This is the most nervous dog we've ever had.  He is terrified of people (hid under a chair and someone had to go into the cage to drag him out.  He went from one side of the car to another when I tried to get him out.)  I put him in the back yard and went through the front door, figuring the dogs should meet him OUT of the house rather than overwhelming him at the front door.  That seemed to work all right. 

The dogs got along all right, but Lizzie decided she didn't want Caramel in the house.  It was almost a game with her because she didn't attack him, but he was such a nervous, unsure dog, that whenever he poked his head in the back door, she would rush at him and he'd run away.  Then they'd run around together outside. 

We finally managed to trap Caramel in the dog cage , where he spent the night.  I let him out this morning and the dogs let him in the house for a longer period of time, though Lizzie was still chasing him out now and then.

When it came time to take him to the UCD med students, he had been back in the cage for an hour (whining loudly) so that I could actually GET him and not have to chase him around. He was fine in the car and let me pet him and didn't cringe, but again, it was very difficult to get him out of the car and he tried to slide under the seat where I couldn't reach him.

When the med student took him and put him in the carrier in the van, I have to admit I wasn't sad to see him go.  Instead, I came home to give a carob chip cookie to Sheila and Lizzie.


Caramel:  Just passing through



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