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2 November 2006

The hard part about going away is coming home.  There are good things about coming home--familiar surroundings, being able to belch and fart without embarrassing yourself, being able to eat what you want and when you want (don't have to scrape the butter off and pretend that you eat healthy, for example, because everyone else is doing it), and especially having the dogs back again (I was surprised at how much I missed having furry critters running around the place).

I picked Sheila up Tuesday morning and she practically exploded out of the kennel and into my arms, which was very gratifying.  She was so happy to get into the car. 

Lizzie was less enthusiastic when I picked her up.  The SPCA volunteer who took her for me had her in a cage in the car and she seemed very unsure of things.  She and Sheila took some time to get to know each other again, but within about 10 minutes, it was just like old times and Lizzie seems to be surprised and deliriously happy to be back here again.

But then there is the hard part about coming home again:  catching up.  There was a stack of transcription here when I left and there were no little elves that came in to transcribe it for me while I was gone.  Then the psychiatrist called to say he had a rush report and more chart notes for me (he saved them all for me), so even before he showed up, the crushing feeling of being trapped and overwhelmed descended on me again.

There was also a show to review, and two feature articles I have to start working on.

When is there time to edit all these videotapes I've been taking all these days??  (The job just got a little easier since I discovered I recorded the Hearst Castle tour over the bridal shower footage.  Grrr.  At least if I had to record over one, that would probably be the most expendable, since it wasn't very interesting -- not that the others are either, of course!)

When is there time to watch all the stuff that was recorded on the DVR while I was gone??  I have four episodes of 24, a couple of Boston Legals, Survivor, Heroes, Amazing Race, Studio 60, Lost, House, and Desperate Housewives and more than a couple of Brothers & Sisters, which is rapidly falling into the "do not record" category since I never seem to have time to watch it.

It's hell to be slave to the machines that control your life!

I also discovered that I thought I was so very clever "fixing" my QuickTime problem by installing an earlier version of QT when the latest version that iTunes installed wouldn't work. Today I discovered that iTunes will only work when you have the latest version of QT.  So I apparently have to decide whether I want QuickTime or iTunes, since I don't seem to be able to have both.  QuickTime will win out, which will be a good thing since I now won't be tempted to go and download music for videos and I will thus save money.  So I guess iTunes did me a favor.  Sort of.

I had to review Sweet Charity (with Molly Ringwald) last night.  I made a big mistake and did not take a nap in the afternoon — just too much to do and I didn't think of it until it was too late.  It's the first show I've been to in a very, very long time where I had difficulty staying awake in Act 2.  Not that I wasn't enjoying it, I was just tired.  Later, when I read the synopsis, I realized I had slept through two scenes a the end.  Fortunately, I already had made up my mind about the show, so it wasn't a tragedy, as it sometimes was in the days when I was trying to work two jobs and review shows at night.

We came home to exuberant dogs and an angry message from our next door neighbor asking us to please shut the dog up.  I guess next time we go out for the evening Lizzie will wear the citronella collar and we'll see if that helps. I would feel more beholdin' to this guy if he'd ever say anything at all to me, like "hello" or "nice weather we're having" or "sorry to hear your kid died." I have only heard his voice in the many years that his family has been living here (the young boys who toddled after their parents on move-in day are now married, I think) when he has something to complain about.  I'd be pissed too if a dog was barking continually at 11 p.m., but you'd think he'd at least give us credit for knowing to bring the dog in if we were home and not just leave an angry message saying "will you please shut the dog up" on an answering machine —which should tell him right off we aren't home!

I noted with amusement on our return tonight, when we could hardly get through the front door because Lizzie was leaping up at the door so high her head was nearly over Walt's, that Sheila was also leaping up, something she has never done  before when we have returned home.  I thought Sheila was supposed to teach her good manners, not that Lizzie was supposed to teach Sheila bad manners!


Photo by Peggy


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