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31 May 2006

It is with some regret, and some relief, that I announce that I think we're finally getting a divorce.

I've been unhappy for some time now, but I thought I could hang in there.  You always remember how it was in the beginning, you hope that you can recapture the magic that attracted you in the first place. However, things have been going downhill for a long time.  Lately he's pulled some stunts that really upset me, that really showed me a different side of him that I probably knew was there all along, but which I'd been ignoring for a long time. 

Basically I just got to the point where I didn't care any more.

And so I've finally admitted that it's over.

I'm officially divorcing Donald Trump. 

I don't expect to get a big divorce settlement, but that's OK...just knowing that I'm no longer hanging on the next installment of The Apprentice is enough.  I have Monday nights back again. 

rancic3.jpg (26129 bytes)Each episode of The Apprentice has held less and less interest for me.  And I cared less and less about who won and who lost.  I think Trump must have felt the same way, too, given that Bill Rancic, the first winner, is still working for the Trump organization and you never hear of any of the others--especially not the woman who won Round #3.  I can't even remember her name.

omarosa.jpg (10057 bytes)And then there was Omarosa, the woman everybody loved to hate.  Was there ever a team bitch portrayed as evilly as Omarosa (or who capitalized on her 15 minutes of fame so spectacularly).  They keep trying to find an Omarosa-like candidate, but she was really a tough act to follow.

Each season I find I care less and less about the candidates.  I watch, I get hooked, but when the time to fire somebody comes, I really don't care who gets it and who stays.

I've watched the backstabbing get more and more nasty.  It's a show which encourages backstabbing.  If you act like a nice guy, you don't fit in the Trump organization and you're fired.  One guy was fired this time around for being a nice guy and trying to help out the competing team a little bit.

And then there were Allie and Roxanne, the last two women left, who happened to be the losing team.  The two women talked about the upcoming session in the boardroom and promised not to attack each other because their friendship was more important.

But, under Trump's relentless questioning, they had no choice but to turn on each other, each trying to prove why she was the one who should remain and the other, her good friend, was the one who should go.

In the end, Trump said that he had lost respect for both women because they were obviously friends, but they would sacrifice the friendship in the name of getting ahead, and he fired them both.


Hasn't he fired people for NOT sacrificing a friend in the name of getting ahead?

There is just no way to predict what is going to set Trump off.

And then there is the ever-increasing "Look at me; I'm so great" promotion of Donald Trump himself.  He didn't used to have the little inspirational segments where you see him giving speeches to his underlings about what has made Trump such a success in business, but since he has become the new cultural icon, there seems to be no stopping his ego.

The whole thing, this season, has left a bad taste in my mouth and it was a very liberating thing to realize that I don't have to watch Apprentice 6, if there is an Apprentice 6.

So I am hereby letting my DVR know that I am open to other options on Monday nights when Season 6 rolls around.

It's a divorce that has been long in coming, but it's about time.


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