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25 May 2006

appleberry.jpg (27057 bytes)And there it is, folks--the photo that started it all.

I was looking at the entries for "This Day in My History" and discovered that in 2004, the entry called "Nun-sense," where I discuss all of my favorite teachers, this photo appeared at the bottom of the page, with the caption:

My new possibility for a dog. This is a female Australian Shepard mix.  (I always did like aussie bitches.)  I'm going to check her out some night this week.

Later that week, I went to meet Sheila (who was then called Appleberry) and she seemed a nice, calm, placid dog who wasn't much interested in me, but who seemed to be a happy dog.  (Her energy level didn't become apparent until she settled in here at home!)

And the rest, as they say, is history.  We went to see her again, and so they could check out Walt, a week later, and on June 4, 2004, she came home.

The SPCA is very particular about what dog they place in which household and I wonder if this one kind of fit through the cracks.  I love Sheila dearly and I think she loves me.  She's been just a wonderful dog for the puppies that I had no idea I'd be fostering when she arrived.  But she would have been much happier with an athletic person who could take her out jogging each morning, or going on long hikes in the mountain.  She gets to the dog park, but she really would have loved more than an hour now and then.  Even in the best of times, when I take her every day, it's not enough exercise for her, really.

But she does have that big grin on her face most of the time, and she does seem to enjoy life, so I'm going to assume that there was some serendipity involved here and that somehow this is the dog we were supposed to get.

HappySheila.jpg (40586 bytes)

At the time she arrived, I certainly never expected to end up working for the SPCA or of having all these foster dogs and puppies that we've had ever since she came into our lives. 

I never would have started working for the SPCA if we hadn't gotten Sheila from them, and there is no way I could have hosted all the puppies and dogs that we have had if Sheila weren't so happy to see them all the time.

I fully expect that once Kimba finally dies, we will go back to doing more fostering of older dogs, mostly because Sheila seems to like it so much. 

For the geeks out there.  I had a note from someone asking if Funny the World has an RSS feed which, of course, it does not because it's not a blog and search engines see it as a web site, not a journal.  

But heck, if not having an RSS feed is losing me potential readers, I can fix that.  I've set up yet another Blogspot, which is Funny the World, Back-up.  When I post an entry here, I will also post the same entry (with or without photos--haven't decided about that yet) on Blogspot so that people who want to read this, but want to do it through Bloglines or Fireant or any other aggregator can now find it.

So, if you are one of those that like to have your reading brought to you, and not go looking for it, that little "xml" button...

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...on the left will take you to Funny the World, Back-up and from there you can link to Feedburner, which will allow you to subscribe.

Am I a geek or what?


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Australia sunset
(Photo by Peggy)


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