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21 May 2006

One nice thing that helps you get up the morning after you've sent off a little puppy that you've grown fond of is getting a guestbook entry on the video of another puppy you were fond of.  There was a note on "Hungry Harry," on YouTube this morning.  Harry was one of the lab puppies -- Harry, Hagrid and Weasley.  The video reminded me that Harry loved to suck on my finger and how much I enjoyed cuddling him, because he was just this big loveable puppy who was very laid back (and didn't nibble my toes all the time!)

The video reminds me that I bond with every puppy we have and miss them all when they leave.  But then I think about going last weekend to see "the Fudge Puppies," who lived here for a few weeks before "the Peanut group" arrived.  Fudge, who was my favorite, is now a lanky adolescent (and was adopted last weekend).

SqFudge.jpg (4552 bytes)

AnnieFudge.jpg (35144 bytes)

Next time I see him, Peanut will probably be the lanky adolescent, not the cute little guy I snuggled with yesterday morning.

But I'm wondering how he survived his first night.  He has a new playmate, Bentley, who is a Shepherd mix puppy, a week younger and a bit bigger than Peanut.  They both hate being caged, and will have been caged overnight last night.    It's a new world for Peanut and I know he won't like all of it, but I'm sure he'll love having someone his size who wants to play as much as he does.

I have to admit it was nice not being awakened at 3 a.m. by a puppy who wanted to be picked up...and nice to be able to walk across the floor in my bare feet without teeth being sunk into them!

I cleaned out the "SPCA closet" yesterday afternoon.   Moved all the bedding and towels into plastic containers so the thing doesn't look like a laundry shoot.  If/when the cage comes back, the bedding will be easier to move to a new location if it's all container-ized.

* * *

Walt flew to Santa Barbara yesterday morning.  Since he didn't get to spend time with his mother on Mothers' Day, he's spending the weekend there, alternating between visiting with his mother and helping Tom with the house-remodeling project.

It was serendipity.  I had to review a show, Humble Boy, at the Delta King riverboat last night, which meant I had to find someone to go along with me.  Normally I invite either Ellen or my Nancianne but I recently interviewed another friend, Charlotte, who mentioned that she would love to come along on one of these shows if I needed someone, so I invited her, but she wasn't able to come, so I invited Nancianne as my third choice -- not because she was my third choice, necessarily, but because I'm trying to spread the opportunities around.

It was obviously fate that she come!  On the way to the show she asked if there was anybody we would know in the show (Nancianne is a theatre person too).   I mentioned that a guy named Peter Mohrmann was in it.  "Peter Mohrmann?"   She asked.  Turns out Mohrmann's father had been Nancianne's major advisor when she was in college and by the time we got to Sacramento she had given me the actor's life history, as she knew it.

When we got to the theatre and I saw the pictures of the cast, I remembered that Jim Lane, a mutual acquaintance of ours, was also in the cast.  Jim is not only an actor, but also a film critic for the Sacramento News & Review and is one of the people who attends the New Year's Eve party that we've been to for the past couple of years.  I always learn something listening to Jim.

And then, as she looked at the program, she saw that Janis Stephens was also in the cast (it's only a five person cast).  Stephens is a friend of a friend of Nancianne's.  She recently put on a highly acclaimed one-woman show about Vivien Leigh, for which she has been nominated for a Drama Desk Award in New York.   The mutual friend was the person who suggested that she would make a great Vivien Leigh.  So after the show Nancianne had to stop and talk to her.

And, as she was speaking with Janis Stephens and Peter Mohrmann, she realized that the only other audience member who was there talking with the cast is a guy she knows from Sac State University (he teaches at Sac State; Nancianne teaches at American River College).

The play was quite good, but the high Nancianne left the theatre on was more for all the people that she had an opportunity to connect or reconnect with after the show.  So it was meant to be that Walt would be gone this weekend, and that Charlotte was unable to join me this time!

I love it when things like that happen.



PNutPOTD.jpg (26715 bytes)

This was taken just a few minutes before Ashley arrived.
It's now my desktop picture.


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