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PUPPY WHIPPED entry in two parts

20 May 2006

Part I

I read with amusement my entry for May 19, 2005.  The title, "Home Free" refers to having made it through "the season," all the emotional dates in our year, but that was only the start of the entry.  The last half of the entry talks about sneaking outside in the middle of the night, in the rain, to pee on the lawn because I didn't want to risk waking the dogs (Sheila and the current batch of puppies).

It made me laugh because of how my night went last night.

I have taken to sleeping on the couch in the living room rather than in the recliner.  I need that support on my back, so sleeping in a bed is out of the question, and when I sleep in the recliner, sometimes Peanut decides that the middle of the night is playtime.  So for the last several nights, I've been in the living room.

Originally, I didn't block the living room off, until Peanut figured out how to find me and peed on the rug, so now I close off the living room.  If Sheila doesn't hear me go into the living room, she has to sleep outside.

The sky was dark when my bladder woke up.   I had no idea what time it was--but it was definitely too early to get up.   Could I ignore my bladder?  I could hear Sheila's collar and knew she was moving around.  I decided I would hold off as long as I could--I didn't want to get the whole house stirring.

But it soon became apparent that my bladder had none of those "waking the house" fears.  I sat up on the couch and then started to move v-e-r-y quietly to the gate, hoping to actually remove the gate without the dogs hearing me.

When I got to the gate, what did I see?   Sheila and Peanut, sitting side by side, watching the living room.

So much for fooling the dogs.  And naturally, once I'd finished my business in the bathroom, Peanut was having none of this "go back to sleep for a little bit" business.  It was, after all, nearly 5:30 and he'd been sleeping for HOURS and was ready for BREAKFAST.

By the time I had the dogs fed, I was wide awake and the dogs, with full tummies, were back asleep again.


Later on in the morning I watched the most amazing thing.  I was watching Sheila try her hand (or mouth) at teaching Peanut not to bite.  She's been putting up with the razor sharp teeth for days now and the two of them were doing their mouth-wrestling thing.  All of a sudden I realized that Peanut was squeaking unhappily.  I looked down and Sheila had his whole head in her mouth, just holding it there.  As Peanut got more frantic, Sheila finally let him go, then she got up, went and got a stuffed animal and brought it over to Peanut to initiate a game of tug of war.

I watched this scene repeated three different times.  The dogs would get to wrestling and Sheila would get fed up with the nips from the baby teeth and decide to do her own doggie version of "NO BITE!"  She'd hold Peanut down, either with her mouth or with her paw until Peanut began to get frantic.  Then she'd let him go and go get the teddy bear and bring it to Peanut and begin to play tug of war with him.

Sheila is just an amazing dog.  Of course I've never had the opportunity to watch a mother dog with her pups, but this isn't Sheila's pup, so I'm enjoying watching her mothering this little guy, especially when it comes to discipline.

Part II

At the end of the day, I sent one of the most difficult e-mails I've had to send lately.  Peanut simply will not leave Kimba alone and Sheila is beginning to look like it's only a matter of time before she attacks Kimba again.  So, very reluctantly, I wrote to ask Ashley to move Peanut to a new home.  As it turns out, the timing is perfect because Ashley just got a single puppy who needs a friend, so she will move Peanut in with the new puppy and I think that is going to be just what Peanut needs.

PNutMe.jpg (26444 bytes)Last night, Peanut showed up at the couch, where I was sleeping, demanding to be picked up.  I had no idea what time it was, but the sky was black.  I picked him up and covered him with the blanket, hoping he'd go back to sleep, which, miraculously, he did.  The problem was that in order for him to stay on me and not roll off, I had to lie on my back.   The whole reason I sleep on the couch is that it provides support to my back, which sleeping on my back in a bed does not do.

So Peanut was very comfortable and I had this army of soldiers with tiny bayonettes stabbing me in the back over and over again.   But I didn't want to get up because I knew it was Peanut's last day and I wanted to enjoy, as much as I could, this last time to cuddle him. 

I watched the sky turn from black to barely light and still had no idea what time it was, only that my back had been hurting for what seemed to have been a very. long. time.  I put up with it as long as I could and finally got up...the clock said 5 a.m. 

Once I was up, the dogs were ecstatic and it was time to PLAY again, which today means a renewed vigor in Peanut's determination to play with Kimba, Sheila looking more like she's ready to attack Kimba, and me uncomfortable going off and leaving the dogs alone for fear of what might happen.

Yes, it's time for Peanut to go.  And I'm thinking of checking into a motel and sleeping for about a week, where there are no dogs to demand attention!



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