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17 May 2006

Peanut was one of the strangest newborns we had.  They all get to a point where they begin sucking on each other's genitals, missing Mama's teats, I guess.  I learned that with the first litter.  It's pretty much impossible to keep them from doing it.  Ashley, who originally told me to try to keep them apart, did some research after I reported that I was spending most of my time separating the puppies, and she apparently learned that the comfort these orphans get from sucking on each other's genitals outweighs the possible danger from ingesting urine or anything else.  So you go to sleep at night to the sound of slurp...slurp...slurp and learn to live with it.

Peanut was different, though.  He would attach himself firmly to Queenie's genitals, whether she was was lying down or walking around, and just not let go.  One day I watched him cross the family room, pretty much pulled along by the suction on her genitals.  I'd never seen a puppy behave quite like that before.

When he moved back here, after our week in Boston, he was alone.  No siblings around, and so there was no problem with the sucking any more.

Now, however, he is getting taller and he can reach Kimba's backside, so he is forever trying to attach himself to her genitals.  Needless to say, Kimba is not terribly happy about it, but I'm letting Kimba handle that herself.  I figure if Peanut gets driven off a few times by some flashing old teeth and a Kimba-sized roar, maybe he will eventually get the idea.   He's big enough now that I don't need to protect him, at least not from Kimba.

I was watching him run across the patio yesterday and realized that those little bow legged puppy legs are starting to straighten and he is standing taller now. 

Gone, also, are the days when he would do nothing but eat, cuddle and sleep.  Now there is a lengthening play time after eating which, unfortunately, includes attacking my toes when I'm transcribing, which means that though it is 90 degrees outside, I'm sitting here wearing my heavy lambswool-lined slippers because it's the only thing that protects my toes.

The biggest change is that he is rapidly turning into Walt's dog.  When he hears the front door open at night, his head goes up and he runs out to meet Walt in the hall.  When Walt goes outside, Peanut is right by his side, and he spends his evening nibbling buttons on Walt's shirt as he crawls around his lap. 

('Twas ever thus.  Mom is good for food and discipline, but it's Dad who is the fun guy.  LOL.)

He and Sheila are playing more now too.    Sheila lets him climb all over her and even bite her.

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She's more tolerant than I am.  This afternoon, Peanut was grabbing Sheila by the skin on her back and trying to pull her across the floor.   How I wish I'd had the camera in my hand at the time! 

When Sheila finally decides it's enough, she gets up and walks away, but sooner or later I'm afraid Peanut will hurt her and she'll react automatically, without thinking about it (which is why I lock Peanut up if we're going to be gone longer than about an hour).

Peanut is a sweetheart, but two things are happening--he's starting to look less like a puppy (well, at least to someone who has watched him almost since birth) and he's starting to get to the point where he needs a firm hand to learn how to cope with polite society--not bite toes, not use the rug in the front hall to poop on, not tear up the furniture, etc (no, he hasn't started tearing up the furniture, but it's only a matter of time).

It's things like this that I desperately need to concentrate on because it's going to be difficult to turn him over to a new family, but if there are enough of the negative things to focus on, I can give him up with a smile and be ready for the next puppy to come along.

He sure will take a big piece of my heart with him when he goes, though.


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