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13 May 2006

I've been on the Internet for many years now--some 15, I believe--and have become part of many discussion groups over the years, groups which are comprised of people of varying ages and philosophies, groups where tempers frequently get hot and discussion gets heavy, groups of people who are of generally like mind and widely varying ages...all sorts of groups.

But I have found that the most frustrating group I've tried to crack is the videoblogging group.  Assurances to the contrary, and though we share the same interest in/passion for creating videos for the Internet, I can't seem to find any respect as a credible part of the group.   Sometimes I feel like a little kid in school waving my arm and begging the teacher to call on me.

There are all sorts of problems with finding acceptance within the video blogging community.  Age is only part of the factor, though it is a part.  Even most of the "old guys" on the list are young enough to be my children. 

"Disposable income" is another factor.  The best videos are, of course, made with the latest cameras, the latest microphones, the latest video editing equipment, and since these seem to change weekly, when you have zero money to spend on this frivolous hobby, it's hard to keep up with the latest technology, nor are my videos of such a quality that they invite viewing by most of the people in the group.

(How can you justify spending $300-500 on a camera to take a few pictures of puppies?)

And then the "age" factor comes in with understanding the rapidly changing technology.  Things have progressed so rapidly from when I joined the group that I went from kinda-sorta understanding what people were saying to not understanding 90% of what is being talked about.

But what happened this week has really widened the gap between me and the many of the rest of the group.  I had made plans to attend the Vloggercon in San Francisco in June, and still plan to go, but I suspect that will be my swansong.  I'll make my own videos and I'll post them for my own enjoyment and that of the 8 people who subscribe to the RSS feed, but I won't try to be part of the group any more.

What happened was that a new person posted the following message:

Golf Publisher Syndications publishes over 40 online golf publications, reaching over 2 million golfers a month.

We need to hire a contract female vlogcaster for short promotional vlogs on resorts and golf courses.

There was no immediate response to the message so a follow-up was posted:

Can anyone out there help me with this? ....... We are looking to hire a video podcast hostess. What would be the most effective way to spread the word about this opportunity? Or do you know anyone who might be

A response asked:

I am curious to know your logic behind this whole woman thing though... I know it was brought up in another thread, but it never got answered.

What is the main reason you are looking for a woman to host?

is it sex appeal?
why not someone with knowledge of golf?
why not anyone with a passion for golf or an exciting video-presence?

To which someone quipped "boobs trump golf."  The thread took off on a "men and boobs" track.

Another stated:

This may not be the best place to cast for attractive female models, although I guess it couldn't hurt.

My reading of that statement was that the women in the group were a bunch of dogs and couldn't possibly fit the bill as an attractive hostess for this golf podcast. I commented that the remark was sexist.

I suspect I lighted a firestorm that continues today, including one woman so insulted by what she considered were all the sexist remarks that she made her own videotape to talk about how she hates being objectified. A man from England, one of the few with whom I have actually had any sort of a social contact, stated that the whole controversy was ridiculous and that women should just get a sense of humor and stop being so sensitive.

Well, that set off all sorts of bells and whistles for me, and I tried to explain how his comments made me feel that this was the same as being told that people were "laughing with you, not at you," but not noticing that you weren't laughing, to which he responded "well that's me destroyed, hope you are all happy.  What a shame, I was looking forward to meeting the nice people in this group at vloggercon, now I am dreading coming."

Made me angry to think that I was one of the people who pitched in when he didn't have enough money to come to San Francisco and sent him a small donation to help pay for his plane fare (even tho it was such a small donation it would hardly have paid for a bag of peanuts on the plane).

In the cold, clear light of day, the whole thing perhaps got a lot more out of hand that it might have if we had all been standing around talking face to face.  No matter how comfortable we are with the written word, there is always the likelihood that the tone you intended to convey will be misinterpreted by someone who has only words to read, without the assistance of facial expression, vocal tone, etc.

But the whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth, further accentuated the fact that I just do not belong in this group.  Until I have disposable income (not likely to happen again in a very long time, if ever), I can't even begin to get up to speed with technology, or produce the kinds of videos that would match most of the other people in this group.

I would still like to meet some people (primarily Missbehavens, one of my favorite vloggers, who is coming from New York for Vloggercon), but once the thing is over, I am fairly certain that I will drop out of the group.

On the positive side, I heard some nice, supportive feedback from a few people, which made me feel a bit less like a grouchy old crone.

There are some very nice people involved in this group ... and some real fatheads.  The number of messages posted a day is outrageous and impossible to keep up with, especially if they require deciphering what is being said, and I just don't need this.

It was one thing when my computer "flame wars" were about things like mattered, like gay rights or a woman's right to choose, or things like that, but when it's about the kind of person to hire for a golfing podcast, it's just not worth it.



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