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12 May 2006

I watched a couple of Dog Whisperer shows recently where Cesar Millan makes the diagnosis that the problem with the family dog is that the owners give in to him whenever he barks or looks cute or in some other way demands attention.  Owners, we are told (and I know it's true) have to establish their role as "top dog" if they are ever going to have control over their adult dogs. 

There, in a nutshell, is why I enjoy working with puppies and getting them ready for other people to teach them about being "top dog."

In other words, Peanut is starting to wrap me around his little paw and I can let him because he'll be gone in a few weeks.

He has finally learned not to bite me (though Walt is still having that discussion with him).  He comes into my lap with mouth wide open looking for something to bite, fangs glistening by the light of my office lamp, but then when I cuddle him, the mouth closes and he licks me instead.   If he forgets and tries a nip, I just say "NO!" without having to touch his mouth at all, and he stops biting instantly.

He is particularly taken with Walt, waddles across the floor when he sees him, and loves helping him get dressed in the morning.

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He is becoming incredibly irresistible.  (No, to those of you who are pleading his cause--he won't remain here.   I still am not tempted to keep him!)  We are settling into a routine now.   I love watching him gallop across the kitchen floor and sit at my feet, whimpering while I fix his meal. 

Then, when he's had his meal, he goes outside (semi-housebroken.  Yay!) and I come into my office.   Pretty soon there he is, sitting at my feet, looking up at me with his cute little face, yapping that he wants me to pick him up. 

Needless to say, puppy-lovin' takes precidence over transcription (oh who am I kidding -- everything takes precidence over transcription--but puppy lovin' ranks real high on the list of importance).

But eventually, he settles down to take a nap.

PNutwKimba.jpg (34740 bytes)
(I still can't decide if Kimba is tolerating this
or hating every minute of it--I suspect the latter)

When he wakes up there is more playing.  He is now learning about "toys" and carrying things around the house.

PNutRope.jpg (36661 bytes)

Of course, most of the time, Sheila runs over and takes a toy away from him, but he is getting the idea of playing.

He needs a playmate, though.  Sheila is too big for him, and Kimba is too grumpy, so I've put in a call for a sibling to be delivered here so he will have someone his own size, who might actually like to play here with him.   Ashley tells me that they will deliver a second puppy to me over the weekend.



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