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9 May 2006

I think there are two times when a non-religious person calls upon the almighty in that "Oh God..." sort of way.  One is when worshipping at the porcelain alter after a long night of partying (I do not know this first hand, of course--I've heard rumors), and the other is when some sort of nasty bug invades your system, leaving your lungs burning, your eyes burning, your teeth aching, your head feeling twice normal size, and a giving you cough that will not quit and projectile sneezing that runs you through underwear in much too quick a fashion.

"Oh God..." you moan on about day #3 of fighting this whatever it is.

I haven't figured out if I have a spring cold or allergies.  At first I thought it was a cold, but then I decided that since it got worse every time I take Peanut outside, it's probably all the pollen that's floating about in the air right now.  With all the rain we've had in this area, this is a banner year for pollen.

But then the fever went up oh so slightly -- just barely -- and I decided it must be a cold.

Ultimately, I think I've decided it's a cold compounded by allergy to the raging pollens right now.

All I know is that I feel like a limp dishrag.

On Sunday I woke up around 6 and did the usual routine--getting Peanut outside, feeding the dogs, making coffee and starting to work--but I just kept feeling like I wanted to sleep.  It made no sense because I'd had a normal amount of sleep and nobody had awakened me at some ungodly hour for trips outside or for affection.

But still, at 9 a.m., I decided I'd see if I could take a nap.  At noon, someone knocked on the front door, setting Sheila off, and waking me up.  Walt answered the door and told me it was a door-to-door car washer, wanting to know if we wanted our car washed.

By this time I'd been asleep for 3 hrs and figured it was time to get up.  In just a minute.  Next thing I knew it was 2 p.m.  I managed to get up and get a little done, but still, by dinnertime all I wanted to do was go to sleep again.

It's been like this for three days.  I can't seem to concentrate on anything (see "This Day in the Life")   I go outside with Peanut and Sheila and just feel like I want to lie there in the warm sun and soak it all up.

On top of that, I've decided I have "magic eyelids."  I can sit here in the house 365 days a year and the telephone never rings.  Nobody ever knocks on the front door.  But let me climb into a chair, pull a nice blanket over me, and settle in for a nap and immediately the phone rings.  It's always a telemarketer looking for Walt, very surprised to discover that the man of the house actually goes to an office during the day.  By the time I've made that message clear, I'm wide awake again, so forget the nap.

The next time it will be someone at the door.  Most of the time, thanks to the peep hole, I can see that it's a solicitor or someone I don't want to deal with, and I don't answer the door, but I do have to get up to see who is there.

But if I remember to plan ahead, move the phone to where I can reach it from the chair, 99 times out of 100, it doesn't ring.  So it all comes down to thinking ahead before taking a nap, which isn't often easy to do when you are groggy.

I'm feeling like a real slacker.  I manage to get a couple of reports typed and then tell myself that just a little nap would help me keep going.  (Of course, there are those who will point out that I don't seem to have any problem putting together journal entries.  Shut up.)

I'm hoping that this really is a cold, and not allergies because if it's a cold, I should be feeling significantly better by day four... shouldn't I? 

In the meantime I think I need another nap.

What are the symptoms of bird flu?


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