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7 May 2006

No, I haven't really changed his name to "Fang," but there are times when I'd like to.

I decided that part of the reason why Peanut is using his teeth so much is that he has nobody to play with but me.   Kimba won't play, Sheila would love to play, but as her paw is about the size of Peanut's head, they are somewhat unmatched in ability.  Sheila jumps up to say "Yeah!  Let's Play!" and if Peanut moves in the wrong direction, Sheila's paw will plop down on his head, and then he yelps and runs to hide under a bush.  So he's not quite ready to go romping about with Sheila yet.

Put Peanut out in the grass and it's over his head.  For him it's like hacking his way through the Amazon just to walk from one side of the yard to the other.  By the time he gets there, he's exhausted.

I've been reading about puppy training and so am trying to work conscientiously on giving him Something To Do.   As you can see, Kimba has already taken that task in hand paw.

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"Watch me, Kid..."

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"See?  There's tasty stuff in there"

DW3.jpg (64564 bytes)
"Is this how it's done?"

DW4.jpg (62156 bytes)
"Oh wow--she's right.  This IS a tasty treat!"

Today I took a towel and started teaching him tug of war.  He really got into it.  Not at all like playing with Sheila.  The object is to get him to get the idea behind tugging on something and then letting him have it so he has the thrill of  victory.  With Sheila "letting her have it" is a given, since there is no way in the world that you will ever win a game of tug of war with those locked, strong, determined jaws!   In truth, Peanut would rather wrap those razor-sharp little teeth around one of my fingers, but he will take the towel in his mouth and when I gently move it from side to side, he'll get the idea and start shaking it.  Then I let go and he runs off with it.

I'm also trying to find some Peanut-sized toys that he might like to play with and getting them cleaned up.   The problem is that Sheila has pretty much destroyed any squeak toy we have.   Ashley brought one when she brought the Fudge group, but if I try to play with Peanut with it, Sheila hears and comes running and takes it away.  We did manage to get in some "investigate the toy" time today, while Sheila was out sleeping in the sun.  Peanut even squeaked it, weakly, a couple of times, but by then he'd been galloping around the family room dragging a towel behind him and following me everywhere and I think he was exhausted.

Must remember to get in organized play time with Peanut every day to supplement the "DON'T BITE" lessons.

He is peeing less in the house.  He really does prefer to go outside, I think, though he hasn't yet actually figured out that he can run outside by himself to pee.  But if I remember to carry him outside as soon as he wakes up and as soon as he eats, he has a corner of the yard where he does his business and then gallops back to sit between my feet again.

He seems to be growing up so fast (if not exactly getting bigger).  Every day he seems to be more aware, to know more things.  He barks when he wants to eat, when he wants to be up in my lap, when he wants to come in from the back yard (which is about 10 seconds after I close the door). 

He's really a cute little guy.  I hope he finds a good home.  He'll make a nice pet for some little kid to grow up with.


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