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5 May 2006

It must be difficult being a very tiny puppy, separated from your siblings, faced with the bed that you all shared together, now empty of everybody but you.

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I gave him a teddy bear to keep him company and I guess he figured it was something he could at least sleep with.

PNutBed2.jpg (33689 bytes)

Eventually, he began to bond with the teddy bear.

PNutBed3.jpg (40192 bytes)

But really, there's nothing better than sleeping with another warm body.

PNutBed4.jpg (38195 bytes)

I am flabbergasted that Kimba is being so tolerant.  Each morning I wake up, and there they are, the two of them, curled up together.  Kimba has never ever accepted a puppy like this before, and in fact, on his first day back, she actively chased him away from her if he got too close.

Of course, I suspect that the reason is she likes the perks.  I feed all three dogs at the same time.  The older dogs get kibble and Peanut get puppy mash mixed with canned dog food--the idea is to get him to eat enough so that he will grow big and strong.  He is eating a lot.  I used to mix 1/4 cup of mash with somewhat less than 1/4 cup of formula, mix it with water and that fed all three puppies.   Now I mix 1/4 cup of mash with about 1/4 can of dog food and he finishes almost all of it.  But as soon as Kimba finishes her own meal, she wanders over and as soon as Peanut starts to lose interest in his food, she cleans up his plate for him.

I'm sure that's why she's being so tolerant about sharing her bed with him.  Or maybe he's awakening a very long dormant maternal spark, if she ever had one.

I have started to nickname Peanut "Fang" because he is all teeth right now.  All he wants to do is chew on things, but not on chew toys or rawhide or anything like that.  It's fingers or toes or chins or nothing.  So I've consulted all the internet sites on puppy training to find the right way to break him of this fun new discovery of his and he seems to be responding.  When he bites, I hold his nose and push it down to his chest and say NO BITE! in a low but stern voice.  After two or three times, he does stop biting.  Of course, the lessons don't generally last from one interaction to the time you pick him up, he's all teeth again, but he's showing that even at this young age he's able to learn.

And I just love it that he comes running when I call him by name.


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