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3 May 2006

Peanut has come home and seems very happy about it. 

Well, "home" may be a misnomer, but he is back in the house where he "grew up" to his ripe old age of ...what?... 6 weeks?  The house where he has the closest thing to "mom" that he's known.  I look at him and think it would be fun to keep him, just so I could say "we've had him since before his eyes were opened."

But no, none of those tugs to keep Peanut.  My job is to fatten him up so he's fit to rejoin his siblings.

I had concerns about him when I gave him to Ashley the day before we left for Boston.  I had concerns because though he ate well and played well, his size remained a good 1/3 smaller than his siblings and that morning Queenie had grabbed him by the neck and began to shake him.  It ended quickly, but I worried about what would happen when he rejoined the 3 siblings he had been separated from for a couple of weeks.

Turns out Ashley had those concerns too and decided that since she wasn't sure how much supervision the puppies would get, she would keep Peanut herself until he grew big enough to defend himself.  She didn't want a repeat of Xena, the pup with the big hematoma on her shoulder because of being attacked by her siblings.

Peanut seemed to remember me--either that or he is happy to see anybody.  His body wiggled all over and he licked my face continually.  At least I like to think that there was some distant (one week) memory triggered.

He settled in here as if he'd never been away.  He did ignore the (newly washed) bed I brought out for him and instead chose my fuzzy slippers to sleep in.  He's so small, he could sleep inside one of them, if he wanted, but he's content to reset his head on the fur. 

PNutSlipper.jpg (36515 bytes)

He's so much fun to watch as he scampers across the patio.  When I take him outside, he spends time exploring the yard, and doesn't just follow me back into the house immediately.

I didn't set up the playpen this time, but am just kind of letting him have the run of the house, with the requisite puddles again.  And Kimba is back to her old tricks as well, so it's back to puddles and poop once more.

Last night, though, I did lock him in the cage for the night.  He had always been the quiet one, and all of the puppies were so good about being in either the cage or the playpen.  But I tell you, that puppy set up such a racket about being locked up that I ended up going into the living room to sleep.  Near as I can tell, he kept the complaining going most of the night.

The "nice" thing about it, though, is that having had this batch of puppies before, I felt no guilt qualms about letting him cry.  I was so good about letting him cry, I slept until 6:45, a rarity for me.

I don't know how long Peanut is going to be here, but it's fun having him back for a little while, even though he has become aware of his teeth in the time that he's been gone.  No toes are immune!

PNutBed.jpg (33818 bytes)

I added photos to the journal entry about Salem today.



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Ned juggles lettuce
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