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1 May 2006

We are home again, probably somewhat the worse for wear (it's so unpleasant to travel anywhere these days!), but with lots of happy memories that I hope to sort through over the coming days.

When you last left our intrepid voyagers, we had come from the zoo and were crashed at Jeri's house, awaiting a decision about what we were going to do for dinner.  While we waited, Ned was explaining about his new toy--his new cell phone, with photo capabilities--and how he and his sister-in-law had been sending each other photos of themselves pooping.  (Ned is Mr. Class).  Ned says he awaits the day when I can take pictures with my cell phone and he envisions that this is something like what I will send him:

NedMePoop.jpg (32276 bytes)

With that lovely thought in mind, we started thinking about dinner and decided on "comfort food," so went to the Galway House in Jamaica Plain, an easy walk from Jeri & Phil's house.  The food was excellent, but they don't seem to have mastered the art of the "small portion."  The "smallest" prime rib cut I could get was 20 oz.

primerib.jpg (48551 bytes)

And my mother's lasagne was enough to feed three people.

lasagna.jpg (38770 bytes)

(Needless to say, Jeri & Phil have a lot of food to share in the coming week, with all the combined left-overs!!) However, we loved the place, especially when we sat down at the table which we had randomly selected and I looked at Jeri sitting across from me and saw this:

JeriOz.jpg (39188 bytes)

And we didn't specifically choose that table...honest!

After dinner was over, Marta, whose stomach was starting to feel more "normal" again after her 2+ day bout with the intestinal flu, wanted ice cream, so we went to J.P. Licks, where they have their own special flavors of ice cream, some of which are rather odd.

icecream.jpg (45377 bytes)

I had cookie dough ice cream, because I figured I was unlikely to encounter this flavor again.  It was ... uh ... interesting.  It was not unpleasant, but it would probably not be something I would go back to have again.   Jeri seemed to be enjoying her berry-flavored ice cream, though (I'm not sure which she chose)

jeriicecream.jpg (36779 bytes)

Then, as quickly as it arrived, our time in Boston, or at least in Boston with our kids, was over.  We had, of course, already said goodbye to Tom, and now it was time to say goodbye to Jeri & Phil, Ned & Marta and head back to the hotel.

My bed luck ran out at 4:30 a.m. when the familiar stabbing pains hit my back, but I had a better than usual bed experience this time around, thank goodness.   I didn't come home totally drained (though as I am writing this at 4 a.m. Boston time, I've been up nearly 24 hours, so I am permitted to feel a little sleepy!)

Lots to do on the first day back--a whole DVR full of TV programs to catch up on, picking up Sheila and Kimba from the kennel, and Ashley says that Peanut is not ready to be with the rest of his siblings, so he's coming back here to be "fattened up" a bit so he can hold his own with the obstreperous puppies in his family.

But for now, I'm going to SLEEP!


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