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27 March 2006

Ever since the puppies came (all < 24 hours ago!), counting has assumed great importance around here.

Let's see...there are 2 of them, now where are the other 2.  There's one more, so we have 1, 2, 3...and where is the 4th.  Ah!  There he is...but now another one has disappeared.

I'm getting real good at counting to 4.

The family room has acquired a new look.  Kimba's not sure how she feels about it.

PUPsheets.jpg (108659 bytes)

I've discovered that the only really effective technique for getting four puppies into a crate is to just roll them up in a big ball, like a blanket.  You put two in and by the time you get the other two, the first two are crawling out again, so you just push them all back into the crate, rolling and tumbling them over each other as you do so.

This will get more difficult to do as they get bigger, which I assume they will each day.  Curly is already the "hunk" of the bunch.

PUPCurly.jpg (103957 bytes)

He is also quite endearing, with that curly black hair.  And he is the one who is determined to chew on my feet, no matter what.

It's not going to be long before they figure out the dog door.  They already know that dogs magically appear and disappear through this black rectangle in the wall.  I see them studying the door and already they are starting to jump up against it and it moves a little.  I give them a couple of days before there will be no keeping them out of the house, without locking Kimba and Sheila in (which, given Kimba's current bladder proclivities is NOT a good thing to do!)

All the puppies have decided that I am a tasty morcel.   Apparently Walt doesn't have the same appeal.  As soon as I sit down and go to pet them, all four of them rush around, each taking a finger, and nibbling on them.

PUPfingers.jpg (106704 bytes)

But they don't seem to be interested in chewing on his fingers at all.

Sheila has been amazingly good with them.   After batting at them a few times, she actually lies down and lets them root around.  I'm sure she doesn't know what they're looking for, but I am very impressed with how her motherly instinct has kicked in.

PUPmilk.jpg (96860 bytes)
Nope.  Nothing here.

When we got home from the theatre tonight, we let them all out and it was like I'd given the command for a massive pee-in.  They couldn't make it to the back yard.  They just all peed wherever they landed when they came out of the cage (they very nicely managed to pee on 4 different sheets).  Even Kimba got into the act, peeing all over the kitchen floor. 

As I was getting the sheets picked up, it became poop time.

#1 under the end table, #2 by the door (both on the Pergo), #3 actually on a sheet and where was the fourth?   Ahhh yes!   By the front door.

All poop accounted for, all sheets changed (one more pee for good measure), all pups watered and cuddled at least once, sufficient tumbling time taken place, then the pups all rolled back into their bed and it was time for me to think about going to sleep myself.

I slept in the living room so they wouldn't wake me up if they whined, which I was sure they would do--but, unlike puppies who need to be bottlefed, these guys can go through the night, so they would have to. 

In the morning, I made a huge mistake.   I fed Sheila and Kimba and then let the puppies out, thinking I would take them outside to pee and then feed them.  Only with only one of me (Walt was still asleep), I didn't have enough arms to take them all outside and it was a comedy trying to get them outside and keep the ones outside out.  They, of course, were starving and only wanted to check out Sheila's bowl and Sheila, for all her patience, wasn't about to let a puppy near her food.  At one point she attacked Curly--not so much in a hurtful way but in a "go away, kid, this is MY food" way, rolling him over on his back and holding him firmly in place with her paw while she growled loudly at him. 

He squealed and squealed and squealed and ran off to hide (and pee!) in Kimba's bed.  I apologized profusely to all of them--big dogs and little.  Next time I'll feed the pups first and THEN the big dogs, with a nice big glass door separating them.

(As I type this, a black paw has pushed through the dog door.  Whoever it was went away again, but it may be sooner than I fear before they figure it out)

I swear--I don't know how mothers of human multiples do it. 



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