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26 March 2006

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Meet Fudge.

Fudge is one of four new 6 week old puppies that we have just taken on today.

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I don't know how long they'll be here, but perhaps for a couple of weeks.  We haven't quite figured out the Pergo situation yet, but today they are outside, enjoying more space than they've had being cooped up in Ashley's garage.  And Ashley brought a tarp and "lots of sheets," which may help.

The pups are from a litter of 11 which was in a home where they weren't being fed enough, apparently, and so the 10 bigger ones apparently attacked the runt of the litter and did some puppy-level damage to him, so Ashley kept the runt and split the rest of the litter into two groups.  We have the smaller of the pups, 2 boys and 2 girls.  There is Greta (who likes to be alone and who needs more socialization), Curley, who is, and then one pup I haven't come up with a name for yet.

And of course they are adorable.

FudgeGreta.jpg (138687 bytes)
Fudge and Greta

We had the usual "getting to know you" session with Sheila, which I videotaped.  The puppies think that certainly something that looks like them and is that tall must have some sort of treat hidden somewhere up at the top of her legs.  They have been chasing her around trying to find milk.  Sheila has been very good about it.

My usual pattern when new puppies come is that I get out there right away with the still camera and with the movie camera.

I took a bit of video of the pups and then they all decided to curl up at my feet, which makes taking videos a bit difficult.  I turned off the camera and went to maneuver into a position where I could take more photos.

When I turned on the video camera again, it was dead.

Dead as a doornail.  Can't take videos, can't retrieve videos.

I thought that perhaps it had not been plugged in, as I thought it had been, for the past day, since I finished the Lynn videos, so I came in here to check.

But it was plugged in.

I asked Walt to check to make sure it was securely plugged into the socket, since there is, at the moment, so much crap in here that I can't fit between my desk and the file cabinet behind it.  He reported that everything was plugged in securely.

He unplugged the cord and I tried another socket in the kitchen to see if I could recharge the battery, but I have to face facts...the camera is dead.  And I don't know what to do about it.

I can take videos with my digital camera, as I was doing when I first started posting videos, but I lose the ability to zoom and a lot of other features that I have come to rely on.

The camera was a reconditioned one when I bought it a year ago and maybe it's just worn out.  It certainly has seen a lot of use.  I don't know how many videos I've made, but I've posted 214 to YouTube alone, more than that to Blip, and there were some I first posted to OurMedia, before I realized that there were better/faster options.

I am just sick about this.  I can't afford a new camera and I guess I'm just going through the first stages of grief and loss.   And, of course, I can think of a bazillion things I want to videotape right about now...

I think I'll name the last pup Blackie because this suddenly feels like a kind of a black day.


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"What?  No videos when I look so cute?"


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