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24 March 2006

I have slept!   Amazing what a difference it makes when you go to sleep at 10 and wake up at 6 without stabbing pains in your back.  The world looks much brighter.

After my mini-vacation, I had to hit the ground running right off the bat.  I forced myself to stay awake to finish the transcription of the psychiatrist's report last night, but called and told him not to rush correcting it because I was going to SLEEP and wouldn't be available to correct it until morning.

Of course, it was a rush job, so due at the courthouse in the morning, so that meant getting to it first off.   Then I had forgotten I had set up an interview with a local costumer to start my research on a feature story about the demise of the remarkable costume guild, which has kept so many theatre groups in costumes over the past thirty years.  Like the Davis Comic Opera Company, its stallwarts are getting older, or dying, and there are no newcomers to carry on the tradition.

Then I had a call from Leon, my old ob/gyn boss, with whom we had dinner the other night.  "Do you still do transcription?" he asked.  I laughed.

So he's doing a malpractice case that needs to be transcribed and he might have it to me in the morning.

Then the psychiatrist showed up with a second case that needs to be done immediately, and I got right on it so I could have it finished before I have to rush off to my interview.  He thanks me for my 'heroic effort.'  He must not be keeping track of how many of his UNtranscribed tapes are still here!

Tomorrow night there is a show (Man of La Mancha) to review, an errand to run in Sacramento for one of our Brasilian students, and the ever-present transcription to get done.

I also put together five videos from this past week, the one at the left of our lunch--I think it's my favorite of the bunch.  Then in the coming days there will be a video about the hotel where we stayed, one about our night out (when we went to Tadich's Grill).  I didn't exactly realize what conversation (or should I say "confession") by the bartender I had videotaped!  Then there is the unavoidable "last day" video--packing and leaving.  And finally, there is a video that I made when my mother, my cousin and I went in search of the school where our great-grandfather (well, Peach's and mother's grandfather, of course) taught in Olema. 

Peach feels that our great grandfather's school became Druid Hall because there was an order of Druids built the hall in 1885 and it was used for a meeting hall for many years (during the period of time when our great grandfather was teaching school in the small town of Olema).  Druids were very big in Marin County.

What does it mean to be a Druid today? Above all else, Druidry means following a spiritual path rooted in the green Earth. It means participating in a living Western spiritual tradition drawn from many sources, including surviving legacies from Celtic wisdom teachings, but embracing the contributions of many peoples and times. It means learning from archaic traditions, from three centuries of modern Druid scholarship, and from the always changing lessons of the living Earth itself. It means embracing an experiential approach to religious questions, one that abandons rigid belief systems in favour of inner development and individual contact with the realms of nature and spirit.
John Michael Greer, Druidry – A Green Way of Wisdom

druidhall.jpg (90716 bytes)
This is "Druid Hall" today

OldDruidHall.jpg (13488 bytes)
This is Druid Hall in the late 1800s.

I hope there is some interest in some of these videos.  They aren't nearly as cute as pugs, but you go with what you had to work with.

Oh yeah--and Ashley may need puppy homes, so I might have one or more puppies moving in as well.

And Kimba continues to have "peeing problems."  She peed in the family room and in the kitchen, though the dog door was available to her.  When she gets out the dog door, she pees as soon as she gets outside, just a little bit.  She's like a menopausal woman with "frequency and urgency" problems.

Talk about jumping back into life with both feet from the get go!


olemafield.jpg (139113 bytes)

Many years ago, before my parents married, my mother's entire family got together
for a picnic on this field in Olema, CA.  They took a wonderful family portrait here --
Mom, Dad, and all ten of their children.
We found the field and took a photo of it.  The family portrait was taken on a little
hill over on the left, just out of sight in this picture
(my mother identified that after we got in the car and drove away!)

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