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23 March 2006

What is it about the final few hours?   It's always awkward.  All the in-depth conversations have either taken place or no longer have time to take place, the end is near.  There are long silences punctuated by "did you remember to...?" and "don't forget to..." and then moments when each of you are lost in thought.  Wanting to make sure that you got it all in, knowing that there is no more time to get anything new in.   The person leaving thinking both to what needs to be done to get through all the airport stuff and how quickly the time passed, the person left behind already feeling sorry that "goodbye" has come so soon.

So that's how our last day went, pretty much.  Lynn got all her stuff together, went downstairs to check out, and get to the last session(s) of her conference.  She left me with the task of getting the bellhop upstairs to get her enormous suitcase and all of her other stuff, along with my one pathetic bag, downstairs.  I showered and went off to Starbucks for breakfast, sitting there drinking my Tall Cafe Americano (the only drink I felt safe ordering, because I don't have the Starbucks "lingo" down yet!) and reading my book.

KiteRunner.jpg (44741 bytes)

We had to vacate the room by noon and her conference wasn't over until 12:15, so I didn't have to rush getting the bellhop.  I wandered around the hall taking some photos from high atop our hotel...

architecture.jpg (140260 bytes)

...then sat in the room reading until about 11, then called for a bellhop, got the luggage stashed, and sat down in the lobby to wait for Lynn to arrive.

An aside about tipping.   Lynn did most of the tipping on this trip, but I did my share as well (and palmed off some tips that she put in my hand with instructions to tip the guy who brought the car).  My lord is it expensive to stay in a place where you have to tip everyone who even smiles at you!  There's money for the housekeeper, money for the guy who takes your car, money for the guy who delivers your luggage, money for the guy who picks up your luggage and puts it in the little room downstairs, money for the guy who picks it up again and won't let you take it downstairs on the cart because then he won't get tipped.  I probably spent more money tipping than I would have in a moderately priced motel...and I wasn't doing most of the tipping!  I am not designed for living "the high life" because I'm just too cheap, I guess!  Lynn said it was part of the "fun," but the fun ran out for me real soon.

We decided that we would get ahead of the traffic, since Lynn was leaving from the Oakland airport, so we crossed the bridge and headed down toward the airport.  I decided we'd stop and have lunch at a restaurant in Alameda.  Actually we went to Bay Farm Island, where Olivia, Haggie and I (along with Jeri, once) used to bike.  We had a lovely lunch, overlooking the Alameda lagoon.

restaurant1.jpg (102037 bytes)

And then there  was nothing left to do but drive over to the airport, unload the luggage (no tipping here), hug goodbye and watch her step up to check in all the bags and head off to visit her family in Ventura.

We were early enough that I was able to drive home ahead of the traffic, so other than a brief backup at the Benicia Bridge, I made very good time. 

The dogs were very happy to see me, but I'm concerned about Kimba, who seems to be having "peeing problems."  Maybe the two accidents were just that--accidents.  But she seems to be walking with a little more difficulty than usual too.

Life has already gotten back on track.  The psychiatrist has a rush report I need to transcribe tonight, the TIVO is 75% full of things that were recorded while I was away, which need to be watched, Ashley is loaded with puppies, I have to get to Sacramento to get a document authenticated tomorrow, and to my great chagrin, I forgot to submit an SPCA article I promised faithfully I would send off last week, but with Lynn around I just totally forgot about it.

But it sure was a good week. 


View from our hotel room

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