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21-A March 2006

He's been dead 20 years, but Gilbert is still a show-off.

I had selected Aziza, a Moroccan restaurant on Geary and 22nd St. for dinner last night. It was listed as one of the best in the city on some list I read before we left home.

It's an area I am quite familiar with, since Gilbert lived near Geary and 25th, so I already knew that parking was going to be horrendous. But I really wanted to try the restaurant.

It had been an otherwise pretty quiet day for me. I lazed around the room until 9 or so, intending to go across the street Starbucks to get something to eat.

But then I decided to treat myself, and went to the hotel cafe, which was, as expected, quite expensive...but the Belgian waffle was wonderful.

I came back to the room and settled in to read my book. I mean--it was rainy out and what was I going to do in the City anyway? Sightsee? I didn't mind at all just sitting here reading. I also took a nap, since I'd had such a bad night before. I am a real party girl!

At noon, Lynn came up. She had thought she was having lunch with her conference group, but hadn't booked herself for lunch, so we went out to drop off some of her shoes to be stretched, and then went to a burger place next door to Starbucks for lunch. Then Lynn went back to the conference and I came back to the room to finish my book and watch a little TV.

Mid-afternoon, I took a walk. All the way around the balcony of the hotel. Woo-hoo. But I did get a better angle of the beautiful atrium, 9 floors beneath me.

At the end I found a wonderful view window which looked out onto the bay, directly across from the Ferry Building, and looking down at the still-odd looking Viallancort Fountain.

Ultimately it was time for dinner. We drove out to 22nd and Geary and, as I expected (and had planned for, time-wise), there was no parking to be had. I did the usual thing, driving around in ever-widening circles. I laughed to Lynn that for years after his death, Gilbert had been my "parking angel," but that now that he'd been dead so long (20 years this year), it had started to slack off a bit.

At that moment, a car pulled out of a parking space right across the street from the restaurant. Show off. Even dead, he's out to get me. I apologized for doubting him, thanked him for the parking spot, and we went to Aziza.

I remember when the restaurant had been a Spanish restaurant...Don Quixote or something like that...but it has been turned into a lovely, atmospheric Moroccan restaurant. We had a fabulous dinner, and brought back enough basteeya (chicken with almonds cooked in filo pastry, which we ordered as a "starter") that I will have it for breakfast this morning while Lynn is enjoying her conference-supplied bagels.

We returned to the hotel fairly early. I settled in to watch The Apprentice and Lynn did a little "light reading."

I tried taking some Tylenol PM to see if it would help me sleep.

It didn't.

In addition to the stabbing back pains, I also had Moroccan heartburn and tried stumbling around in the dark to find some Prilosec Lynn had given me yesterday, unsuccessfully.

Today I am driving over to Marin County to meet with my mother and cousin and we are off on a quest for family history, going to see the house where our grandmother (mine and my cousin's, of course) grew up. I am a little concerned because I brought the video camera specifically for this trip, but I took some video here at the hotel and discovered an hour later that I had left the camera on. I did not have a battery recharger for this camera with me, so I have no idea how much of a charge there is going to be in the camera. But I'm holding the good thought.




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