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20 March 2006

2,180.  That's the number of entries (counting this one) that I've written.  Given that each entry averages about 850 words, that's roughly 1,853,000 words I've written in the past six years.

Yes, today is my Journalversary.  Funny the World turns 6 today. 

And they said it would never last...

Though one would imagine that this would be a day of celebration, headlines in the newspapers, balloons and streamers around the house, the day will actually pass quietly and, until this entry gets posted, I doubt that anybody will even be aware that I have passed yet another milestone.

(I'm sure it is much more pleasant to pass a milestone than to pass a gallstone.   Ba-dum-pum)

So Saturday was "shop-therapy" day.   Lynn is a recreational shopper, like Peggy.   I am not.  But around 11:30 or so, we headed downtown to check out the shops.   I had a huge reminder of what it's like to live in a small town.

We managed to pick up a copy the book by Elizabeth Letts, one of our former midwives, which I'd learned about Thursday night.  I also picked up a book by a guy Jeri went to high school with.  I knew about this book and had seen him interviewed on The Today Show, so I was pleased to have an autographed copy of his book.

We stopped at Samira's, a "natural fiber clothing store," and I chatted with the owner, Mike Jaroff, whose daughter had gone to school with, I believe, Paul, and who is an accomplished singer now living and working as vice president and booking manager for IMG Artists in New York.  (She represents Renée Fleming, Kiri Te Kanawa, Denyce Graves and many more.)

Then we went to 2nd St. Shuz, a shoe store, where Lynn checked out the shoes for sale and chatted with a midwife she used to work with who happened to be there, and was, understandably, very surprised to find Lynn there as well.

Shuz.jpg (148080 bytes)

Then we moved on to The Artery, a craft store, where I checked out the latest ceramics by Heidi Bekebrede, who performed at Paul's memorial, and the framed works by Yoshi Khyos, whose daughter is part of the Lawsuit gang.

We went to the Birkenstock store, where Lynn (bless her heart) bought me a pair of Birkenstocks (since Latte had eaten mine) and when we left, we ran into two former patients of Lynn's, who were thrilled to see her.

Tina.jpg (128555 bytes)

We didn't see anybody we knew at the bagel place, where we stopped for lunch and had the slowest service ever...

bagel.jpg (135908 bytes)

...or at the shoe repair place where Lynn tried to get her shoes stretched, or at Aquarius, a new age sort of place, or at The Wardrobe, a "high fashion/designer clothing" store.  This was a whole new world for me today.  Most retailers in town don't acknowledge that any women over the size of 10 live here, so I just never think of going shopping in Davis for clothing.   Lynn is such a perfect size that everything looks great on her, so it's fun to watch her move through a clothing rack.

We tried to end up at Borders Books, to see if they also carried Elizabeth Letts' book, because Lynn wanted to get a couple of copies to give as gifts, but there was no parking to be had for love nor money, and I had hit the wall anyway, so we just came home to a delighted Sheila.

LHBottle.jpg (134617 bytes)
Sheila coveted Lynn's water bottle--Sheila's favorite toy

In the evening we revisited "MQA," just Lynn, RoseMarie and me (and RoseMarie's 9 year old granddaughter, whom she is raising)

RM-K.jpg (116818 bytes)

Lynn, who, when the granddaughter was a toddler, was "Bama Yin" (Grandma Lynn) to her, had a good time getting reacquainted, meeting the new dog, and going through the dog's baby book.

LH-J.jpg (124133 bytes)

LH-KJ.jpg (126952 bytes)

So we had pizza and lots of salad and "low carb cheesecake" from the Cheesecake Factory and "minimal quantities of alcohol," but "massive quantities of aqua," which is what it seems we are all more into these days.

Mostly we talked and talked and talked, and laughed like we had done when Lynn was living here, 8 years ago.

I really needed that.

BTW, speaking of "words," for those who check out the latest on Schuyler when I post a link, please go to her dad's new blog and read the entry called "Lessons."  It brought big tears to my eyes.


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