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5 March 2006

Ashley has been trying to find homes for forty-four puppies.  Everybody who fosters dogs has puppies at the moment.  I agreed to take these four, who were all going to be adopted on Saturday.

Pups1.jpg (152495 bytes)

They are all 9 week old lab-retriever mixes, 2 girls and 2 boys (born Christmas Day). Sheila was in 7th heaven--playmates!  Kimba, having learned her lesson, had followed me out to the yard when Ashley went out to the car to bring the puppies.  As soon as Kimba saw there were strange DOGS in the yard, she turned around and walked back into the house and went to her bed.  So I was hopeful that things were going to go all right.

Who wouldn't fall in love with a face like this?

Pup2.jpg (144956 bytes)

Ashley had just picked them up at UCD, where they have been for the past few days, being spayed or neutered.  The vet school does the SPCA dogs without charge and the vet students have dogs to practice on.  But it's not a quick in-and-out deal, so they have been cooped up in a cage for a couple of days and were thrilled to have room to run around and play in.

Pup3.jpg (191008 bytes)

Pup4.jpg (160138 bytes)

Sheila was very excited to have them here at first, but I think their energy wore her out after awhile, and when I came in the house, she came in with me, leaving the puppies outside to play.  Then, just to be sure, she went upstairs to sleep, so there was no danger of having her beauty rest disturbed by obstreperous youngsters.

Pup7.jpg (141886 bytes)

Pup8.jpg (144339 bytes)

They played outside very nicely until the sun started to go down and it began to get cold.  Then it was like they took a vote and all decided they wanted in.  NOW.  They all stood up against the sliding glass door pawing at it and whining loudly, as if some horrible monster were chasing them, so naturally I let them in, and they just had the best time running all over the house until they finally discovered Sheila's bed, which became a wrestling mat.

Puppyteeth.jpg (145483 bytes)

But finally they started calming down...

PupAtRest.jpg (146987 bytes)

And since Walt and I were headed off to a show, we shoved them all in the crate, covered it up, and left.  When we got home, we let them out to pee (in the kitchen), poop (in my office) and run around and then put them back to bed for the rest of the night.

By morning, I was beginning to want to name them, even if I would only have them for another couple of hours.  The biggest male became Humpty, because that's all he's been doing since he's been here--humping the rest; then there is Elsie, who has a cowlick (remember Elsie the cow?); there's Snowflake (interesting name for a black dog), because he has bits of white on his neck and tail, like he's been sprinkled with snowflakes (and he is a Christmas dog, after all, and it seemed a nicer name than "Dandruff"); and Sadie, just beause she looks like a Sadie.

If I were to have them longer than overnight, I'd be in trouble.  Snowflake has already figured the dog door out, and one of them, I'm not sure which, held all the water he'd been drinking until he got inside and could pee on the rug in the kitchen.

It's been fun--but it sure is exhausting!


champagne.jpg (39099 bytes)

Self Serve
(I had to weight the lid of the dog food container down
to keep them from eating it all!)


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