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4 March 2006

A couple of weeks ago, vlogger Randolfe Wicker was making video posts about how to get on the "most viewed" list at

Up until that time I hadn't paid much attention to the "most viewed" list at all, since it seemed heavy on anime, rock music, sex, young people doing stupid things, and other things I wasn't really interested in.  But Randy seemed to be obsessed with it, and decided to prove that the list could be manipulated by setting out to get one of Doug's videos to the top of the list, by spending his evening viewing the same video over and over again, hoping the raise the counter.

I can't actually remember whether he proved that you could manipulate the numbers or not, but the upshot, for me, was that I was suddenly aware of the "most watched" list.

Now, as an old fart, I don't make the kind of videos that are likely to get me many viewers on these sites, but I did think, in passing, that it would be kind of nice to make it once or twice.

Well, this morning I happened to glance at the "most viewed" and discovered that "Sedona, Part 7" had made it onto the list.  It was in the #10 spot, to be sure, but it was there.   It made me wonder if any of the other Sedona videos had made the list.  I had never checked.

I sent off a note to Doug, who also doesn't care much about the "most watched" list--he just makes videos that are fun for him, telling him that I was surprised to find my video on the list.

But then later in the afternoon, I got a note back from Doug saying that Sedona 7 was now at the #4 slot.   By the time I actually checked that out myself, it had moved up to #3.

Holy shit.

most watched.jpg (15088 bytes)Making it past the halfway point on the "most watched" list suddenly feels like pressure.   I suddenly am worried about what happens when I reach the end of the Sedona videos (today).

I knew there was an audience for "Sedona, Arizona" somewhere.  Each segment has been watched over 80 times on Blip and the first segment was watched over 100 times.  Not bad, considering that most of my videos before were lucky to have 20 or 30 stallwarts, if that, who watched them.   Some got a whopping five viewers. But Sedona had some good stuff going for it.  First of all, the video quality, thanks to the professional original taping and VHS-DVD dubbing, was better than most of the videos I post.

Second, of course, by virtue of the fact that this is Paul talking, it's not some old fart's views, but more contemporary, designed to appeal to younger people.

I received wonderful feedback from a couple of people who found some comfort or solace in Paul's presentation. 

Paul's monologue has helped me to reflect back into my own life and 
helped me understand how each and everyone of us deals with death in our own way,
wrote one person who had suffered several losses, including that of a sibling, within the past couple of years.  I responded that if nobody else watched the video, receiving this message made the posting of "Sedona, Arizona" all worthwhile.

But the question now becomes--where do I go from here?

I've now made Blip's "most watched" list and I have a reputation to live up to.  I'm going to actually have to put some thought into these videos, not just slap something together.

Oh the pressure!

Fortunately, over the years I have accumulated a lifetime of videotaped performances, Lawsuit and others, as well as lots of offspring-produced videos that will more than fill in any blanks I may have.     And I suspect they are all at about the right length too.

Hmmm....  Devil Dog?  The McKinley Plant Disaster?  Bubba Smith?  Where to start...?  So many movies, so little time.

I might even throw in another of my Fabulous cooking instruction videos, where I prove I am more of a klutz in the kitchen than Julia Child.

However, there is a nagging feeling in my head that I may have hit the heights with Sedona, so I might as well savor this "#3 on the top 10 list" business 'cause it ain't likely to happen again.


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