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2 March 2006

I'm sure you've experienced it, or something like it.

Suppose you're babysitting and the toddler misses his mother.  He's not yelling or screaming, but he just is restless.   He looks out the window, he asks when Mommy is coming home, he can't quite settle down to anything and then suddenly Mommy comes through the door.  He throws himself into her arms and gives a huge sigh of relief.

All is right with his world again.

Or there is someone who is gone from your life for awhile.  You know s/he is coming back but things just aren't quite right in your world.  The stars are out of alignment.  The vibes in the air just make you nervous.  You watch the clock...or the calendar...and you count the hours, the minutes, the days until you are together again.

Then, when the reunion takes place, it's like nothing was ever wrong.  You give a big, happy sigh.  All is right with the world again.

Well...all is right with my world again.

After weeks, or perhaps months, of reruns and test programs, the old TV schedule is back in place.

The Donald is puting his apprenti through hell and there are folks chasing each other all over the world once again and eating disgusting things, with eyes on that $1 million prize at the end of it.

Yes, The Apprentice, Survivor, and The Amazing Race are back on again.  No more thumbing mindlessly through the DVR schedule each night looking for that elusive "something" that you can't quite define, but that you know must be there.  I can give a big, happy sigh, settle into the recliner with a nice bowl of ice cream, and let the games begin.

One thing about these shows taking a hiatus is that in their absence, I've been forced to bond with new reality shows.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that I would get hooked on American Idol, but I have.

I have also come to really love Project Runway, where fashion designers compete for the chance to produce their own line with all the high powered backing.  Now, I'm so far from a fashionista it's not even funny, but there is something irresistible about this show.

When I began to watch Apprentice again, I could see one of the glaring differences.  The Apprentice candidates, for all their money, for all their degrees, for all their experience, are shown as a lot of unlikeable people (no matter how nice they may be in real life).   After only one episode, it's hard to know who is a good guy and who is a bad guy, but they are all into back stabbing and outmaneuvering each other.  It's Survivor on Manhattan island, without the disgusting foods, but still the watchword is:  Kill or Be Killed.

Sunshine.jpg (8640 bytes)The only candidates who stood out for me were the anoretic project manager who makes Kristin Chenoweth look fat, the smarmy MENSA guy, and the blonde bombshell (appropriately named "Sunshine"), who talked herself into being fired.  (Do you think she was hand picked by Trump for her brains?)

TimGunn.jpg (11237 bytes)Project Runway, on the other hand, has a touch of humanity, one person helping another with a garment at the last minute, real tears when someone has to leave the group, and the decidedly likeable Tim Gunn as their Yoda, giving advice to all and pulling for each one to win. 

( it also has Santino, but you can't have everything.)

santino.jpg (10601 bytes)

Years ago when Terri was still writing in her journal regularly, I laughed at her obsession with reality TV.  That was never going to be me, I thought.

Never say never.  I'd say "at least I'm not hooked on The Bachelor," but I thought I would never be one of those American Idol people either, so I'm not ruling out anything down the line.   But at the moment, I'm not looking for mating-and-dating reality shows.  I'm just finding myself more intrigued by the eat-a-slug-get-fired kind of reality stuff.

And for today, I am a happy camper because my evening tv-viewing card is full again.  No more inane sit-coms that you know won't last to the first commercial.  No more CSI wannabes with inept script writers.   No more "I don't know what it is; it's the show that gets me from A to B."

Hi.  I'm Bev.  I'm a TV-holic.


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Walt's view out the window on our flight to So. California


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