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28 June 2006

I didn't deliberately set out to be pathetic.  Well, maybe a little bit.  But Ned went on at great length, laughing about this video that I made back in April, where the new battery I ordered for my dead video camera finally arrived and I made a video about testing it out to see if the camera would work, and then my disappointment at discovering that the new battery didn't fix the problem.

sigh.jpg (8062 bytes)He did a great imitation of how pathetic I look on the video, as I say something about having to do without a real video camera. 

We were laughing about it at Sunday's party when he was taking video of the festivities and I was taking video with my digital camera.  He laughed at me because I was taking video.  I pointed out the problems with using a digital camera for video (mostly not being able to zoom and the crappy microphone, which really wasn't intended for heavy use as a video camera).

I tried to justify my disappointment -- how my own personal "disposable income" (what was left over after I returned from Australia) had finally dissolved and that there was nothing left for "frivolities" like a new video camera, when I did have the video capabilities of the digital camera, but I never got all of that out because he had me laughing so hard.

But really, it's not like we're destitute.  I could just use the joint funds and buy a new camera, but when Walt is still using a Windows 98 computer with a dial up internet connection, I could hardly justify spending money on a new video camera when, in truth, I did have a viable alternative, just one that didn't do the stuff that I wanted to do.

Walt sat there listening to this bantering between Ned and me and finally pointed to the video camera that Ned was using (his sister-in-law's).

"How much would that cost?" he asked, in a sort of musing sort of way.

I told him that the cameras I had been looking at were around $300.

"Why don't you just go buy one and call it your anniversary present," he said.

Now I felt good and guilty.  We have never exchanged gifts for our anniversary and I knew I hadn't even thought about getting him something, even if I had the money to buy it.  But he understood and said "No.  Really.  Go buy yourself one."  (I'm sure he's tired of hearing me bellyache about not having a video camera!)

Feeling guilty for whining, but already hedging my bets, I upped the price range.  "They cost between $300-$400," I amended.  "As long as we aren't talking $1,000 or something," he said.

Wow.  Is this a neat guy, or what?  He's definitely a much better guy than I deserve. 

Canon.jpg (11805 bytes)In the morning I got up to check the sites I'd been marking for cameras I was interested in.   I hadn't looked at them in a long time.  I discovered that really I had only really marked one camera, the Canon ZR500.  I had actually marked several sites with this camera on it, which was released in January of this year, to good reviews.  It was actually only $300 (and if I ordered through a catalog $269--but then I'd have to (a) pay postage, and (b) wait.) According to the Target web page, they had this camera in stock.

I finally found a way to get me out of the house early on a hot day!   I decided I'd drive to Target and just get it, but then thought...what if I got there and they didn't have it?  I decided to check Circuit City on line before I drove all the way to Woodland and, whaddya know!  They had it in stock for in-store pick up -- and it was only $289.  The very camera I had been drooling over.  I immediately ordered it on line and opted for picking up in the store.

"It's only a 15 minute drive," I told myself.  Just barely farther than if I drove to Target in Woodland.

Fairfield.  Vacaville.

I always get those two mixed up.  VACAVILLE is a 15 minute drive; Fairfield is another 10-15 minutes. 

So the trip was longer than I anticipated, but I did get there, they did have the camera waiting for me, and in seconds, I was once again the proud owner of a video camera.  Just exactly the one I wanted.  And for a sale price to boot.

What more could I ask?

The camera does not record to SD discs, but I debated about that.  SD would certainly be convenient, but the other camera took tape and I have videos that I saved on tape--videos of my interviews with my mother, for example, which, without a working camera, I would have no way to play.  I excerpted parts for videos to post, but I really wanted to keep the entire thing.

So a camera that records to mini-DV tapes was what I ultimately decided that I want.  As I write this, the battery is charging.  I've read the instruction book and I can hardly wait to try it out.  Of course this is "rerun week" so I'm posting old videos for now, so that should give me the opportunity to get something good together for the very first Canon video.

Thank you, Dear!  I promise to stop complaining now.

Now go buy yourself a new computer!!!!  (Or at the very least, high speed internet access)

(Of course I couldn't wait a whole week.  I made a very brief anniversary video.)


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(Sorry, Peggy!)


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