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19 June 2006

I've just discovered that YouTube allows you to post any video on its site to your own blog.  So I've set up yet another blog, "Look at these Videos," for cool videos I've come across that I think are worth sharing.

My problem with YouTube is that very frequently things are posted that you know are copyrighted, but that's not my problem.  The first video I am sharing, for example, is from a Richard Attenborough TV special, which I strongly suspect the poster did not have permission to post, but it's there and I can link to it, so I've done so on this new vlog.

It's about the lyre bird and is just an amazing piece of footage.  But then I think that every nature video that Attenborough does is amazing.

I also discovered a few others to start with--I can see this is going to turn into a new obsession.  One is the amazing "Diet Coke and Mentos" experiment, which you must see if you have not.  Another is the first of what I expect will be many, many excerpts from The Daily Show, this one having to do with the man in the White House and his latest press conference.

There is The Evolution of Dance, which has been making the Internet rounds, in case you haven't seen it.  The guy in the video was on The Today Show with an abbreviated version of it.

There is a video of a dog with a serious problem which I came across months ago.  There is a lot of laughter on this video, but I dunno...I just felt kind of sorry for the dog!

And finally, for today, there is a commercial for a Turkish bank which is really cool.  I actually found the link on 2020 Hindsight and was thrilled to discover it was a YouTube video so I could share it as well.

So, off to the left there, I've added a new heading for "Look at these Videos" and will post links to anything new that I post on that site.   There are so many really cool things in video on the net and it's nice to have an easy way of sharing them!

This is the new technology, the direction in which video blogs are heading.  It used to be you had a video, you put it on the net and you hoped somebody noticed.  Now the technology has evolved so that it's easy for me to show you what somebody else has done, putting all those videos that I like in one place.  I hope to make it a nice mix, like today's is (I also added a video of Steve--'cause how can I start a page like this without adding something by Steve?)

That seems to be what the next phase of life is going to be for me around here, getting more involved in video, and specifically sharing the excitement about making videos and sharing them with the world at large.

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Kari Peterson is a woman I met years and years ago.  She headed up Davis Community TV for many years and has recently left it to become involved with the Davis Community Network, my ISP  and the place where I posted my very first vanity web site.  That site is some 40 pages long and probably gets no hits at all any more.   It costs a small fortune for me to stick with DCN, but if I leave, I'll have to give up my e-mail address and find something to do with those 40 pages, so I continue to shell out $60 a month for storage and high-speed internet access.

But what Kari wants to do with Davis Community Network is explore expanding the audience for and creators of video blogs, possibly with the thought in mind that it might eventually cross-over to her old field of Public Access TV.

I attended her session at Vloggercon and the session which followed it, which was on creating oral history, and got so jazzed about the possibilities.  I sit here and look at the pile of transcription and just want to burn the whole thing and get into creating video history.  I have such a wealth of materials here (which would, of course, be better if I actually had a video camera, with which I could zoom and have a good microphone!).  I have interviews by Walt's mother, by my mother.  I have photos up the yin yang.  I have more videos by the kids than anybody should have.  The possibilities are endless.

But more than that, I'm so excited about what is going on in this field that becoming part of Kari's team and working to bring information to the community at large is very appealing.  A year and a half ago, according to an interview I listened to from Vloggercon, there were about 100 videoblogs (vlogs) on the net.  Now there are thousands, and more coming on line every day.  Everything from really professionally created videos to people like me, who post too-dark shots of different puppies doing the same thing in every video. 

The ability to post on line without paying for space on sites such as Blip-TV and YouTube removed the biggest obstacle--who had enough bandwidth to host such large video files?  Now you can share things you like with other people, as I'm doing in "look at these videos."   There are also some programs which will let you comment directly on a video, to make it seem like a conversation.  (In truth, I'm not all that convinced that this is a positive thing, but there are some people who are very excited about it.)

So it feels like I'm here at the very start of something that is about to explode.  I got internet access before there was the Wide World Web, when everything was done in DOS, yellow letters on a black screen; when you could read e-mail on line, but you couldn't bring it to your own computer.  I remember the first time I saw a billboard on the highway where someone had added the URL for a web site and thinking "how clever that is."

Look how far we've come from that point.  It feels like Video blogging is the next step and I'm looking forward to see where this explosion takes us.

In the meantime, go watch the videos.  They're really cool!


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