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12 June 2006

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It was great to have some time to speak with Paul Knight, who flew in from England for the weekend.  He said he was searched by airport security twice...nobody could believe that he would come all this way just for two days unless he was up to no good.  

(Well...can you call Vloggercon "no good"?)

It was also fun to have some alone time to chat with Carl Weaver, from Worster, Mass. about the problems of education and videoblogging.

CarlW.jpg (12406 bytes)

I still maintain I had the best of all possible worlds.  I worked the sign-in table from 11 to 2 so got to see everybody again.  By the end of the weekend, most people greeted me by name as they went in or out the door, they'd stop by to see if I needed anything (one guy went and got me a burrito for lunch) and then at 2, a lovely guy named Seth took over for me so I could attend the two sessions I wanted most to attend--one on Public Access TV and videoblogging (which may "lead to something" here in Davis), and one on oral history which was just the whipped cream and cherry on the cake.  Absolutely "the" best session for me.  I had been to a couple of sessions with a lot of tech talk that went way over my head, but this hit me right in the heart of what I do and what I want to do and I loved it.

I stayed through most of the last session (hmmm...the last session... that has a familiar ring to it!), but decided to leave before all the goodbyes because I had really hit the wall and was ready to go home. 

But I went home feeling like I'd made a lot of new friends, people I'd known from their vlogs and blogs, but whom I now knew in person.  There  was of course, Missbhavens, and The Desert Nut (and now her husband), and the guys mentioned above.  But also the delightful Stephanie Bryant, who has just completed "Videoblogging for Dummies," which goes on sale in July.  Sherbeam Wright helped with the front door, getting the plastic pockets for name tags set up and giving out t-shirts to volunteers.  She also took over the sign-in table so I could attend a session upstairs on Saturday.

SAstairs.jpg (42321 bytes)

I had a delightful chat with Michael Schaap, who had come from Holland for the event, along with some other Dutch vloggers, hugged Markus Sandy, and watched somebody interview Josh Leo, one of my favorite young vloggers.

P1130019.JPG (32410 bytes)

I don't think I actually talked with him, but seeing Richard Hall of The Richard Show, along with his wife, was fun, especially while they were being interviewed by Susan of

P1130018.JPG (32709 bytes)

Everywhere you looked, there was somebody interviewing somebody.   There were four or five of us trying to take pictures of each other while waiting for one of the sessions to begin.

camerawar.jpg (39255 bytes)

And, of course, there was the ubiquitous (though lovely) Amanda Congdon, host of RocketBoom.

amanda.jpg (29791 bytes)

So anyway, I had a great time, met all the people I definitely wanted to meet, met a lot of others I never dreamed I'd meet, got interviewed twice, and thoroughly enjoyed myself, even if I was completely exhausted when I left the Swedish American Hall.

I had started the day by meeting Linda and Gordon in front of the Hall at 9:30.  We went on a quick tour of the city, which started, as my tours always do, on Twin Peaks, despite the fact that you couldn't see the road, much less the view because of the thick fog!  From there we headed for Haight St., to go, as I always do, down to Ashbury so they could say they were at the intersection of Haight and Ashbury

haight.jpg (35258 bytes)

But they had closed off Haight for a street fair.  Undaunted, we continued on to the Panhandle of Golden Gate Park, with the plan to drive through the park which is, of course, closed to cars on Sunday.  My reputation as a tour guide was in serious jeopardy.  We did manage to get into the park at 25th Ave., and drove out to the ocean beach, then back up through Lincoln Park, where there is a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge which had, of course, disappeared in fog.

But I redeemed myself with a pass by Robin Williams' house and a trip to Fort Point, where Linda could get out and get a photo of the GG bridge from underneath.

We toured the Marina, passed by the Palace of Fine Arts (which is covered up with fencing and you can't get a good photo of it...sigh...) and then over VanNess Avenue, which used to be classy auto row (and still is, to some extent), where Jaguar and Mercedes and Land Rover have show rooms in fancy buildings, with crystal chandeliers hanging overhead--if you want a Toyota, you go out of town for that!

I had to be at the conference at 11 a.m. and we pulled up in front at 10:59.  I am so good!

So that was my day:  tour guide by morning, conference doorperson by afternoon, and journaler by night.  If I'm lucky, I might even become a vlogger again tomorrow, as I sort through the very small amount of video that I took this weekend.



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Susan (KityKity), Linda (The Desert Nut), Bekah (Missbhavens) and me!


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