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7 June 2006

"I just ate boogers and it didn't have much of a flavor," said the gentleman entering the cafeteria behind us.

"I know what the opening sentence of tomorrow's journal entry is going to be," I said to my friend Diane. 

Joey.jpg (24778 bytes)Diane is the friend with whom I have traveled to see Washington's tulips fields in 2001, 2002, and 2004.  She works as a medical transcriptionist and hasn't had a "real" vacation in a long time, so she has taken time off from being a grandma and flew here for a couple of days.

We had hoped she would be able to spend several days, but she's only here two full days, and most of the first morning was spent sleeping, which is what she sorely needed.  Before she arrived, we had discussed possible things to do on that first day--touring Sacramento, driving up to the Napa Valley, etc., but by the time she was up and dressed and ready to start the day, it was neary lunchtime, so I suggested that we just have a low key day and tour the nearby Jelly Belly factory, which she had expressed an interest in seeing.   It was the perfect thing.

JBlobby.jpg (42792 bytes)
The lobby of the Jelly Belly factory

I love the Jelly Belly tour.  It's the third time I've taken it and I still enjoy it.  My only complaint is that you can't take pictures within the factory itself, which is a shame because every time I see all those guy in white coats and white hats tending to the soon-to-be completed Jelly Bellies, adding flavoring and color and giving the big vats a stir, I start humming the Oompa Loompa song from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

oompa.jpg (13051 bytes)

(But I was able to get a picture of the holding bins off the Internet...

jellybellies.jpg (33386 bytes) )

After the tour, we did the requisite tour through the gift shop, where you can buy just about anything you want with jelly bellies on it.  You can even taste a garlic jelly belly, or sample some Harry Potter flavors, including boogers and vomit.  And you can sort through boxes of "belly flops," the ones that didn't quite measure up to Jelly Belly standards and are packaged into 2 lb bags and sold for (sort of) cheap.

BellyFlops.jpg (45666 bytes)

When we'd made our purchases (no, we didn't buy either boogers or vomit, though I did pick up some garlic for Walt--they say if you eat a garlic jelly bean with a "buttered toast" jelly bean it's like having a slice of garlice bread [it isn't]--and Diane decided to try jalapeno), we wandered over to the cafeteria to pick up a lunch.  I had a sandwich that came on a kind of ciabatta bread, but Diane opted for a hot dog that came in its own jelly-bean shaped bun.

hot dog.jpg (34941 bytes)

It was just the right amount of activity for the day.  We were home in time to watch the end of Oprah, feed the dogs, and get in a quick nap before time to cook/eat dinner.

I could get into days like this!


CraigTable.jpg (55679 bytes)

Just what Diane ordered:  quiche and farm-fresh tomatoes.
(I added the avocado and the baked asparagus)


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