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25 July 2006

My friend Kent owns a pizza place called Frankie's in a suburb celebrating heat stroke this weekend. Lots of the suburbs are having their annual Heat Frustration Days now. -
Casual Sundays with Mr. Curry

(NOTE: This entry was written in several different stages, and I think that as you get closer to the end, you can pretty much figure out where the stages came!!!)

At the risk of repeating myself, it's damn HOT around here this week!!!!

What's even worse is that it is no longer that "dry heat" that we always joke about ("at least it's a dry heat"), because the humidity has settled in.  The air is heavy and walking two steps makes you sweat.

I was up at 5:30 Sunday morning because the cable repair guy was scheduled to arrive between 6 and 8 a.m..

The air conditioner, set for 80 (a full 2 degrees above that recommended to be earth-friendly, I'll have you know) had already come on.  And this with the house running fans all over the place.  (It was 90 outside by 9 a.m., when I first went outside.)  It was relatively comfortable, so feeling all environmentally responsible, I turned it up another 2 degrees, to 82.

We went to see An Inconvenient Truth on Saturday night.   We figured what better place to be on an unusually hot day than an air conditioned theatre showing a movie about the the dangers of global warming.

As we left the house, I looked at the thermometer hanging in the carport.

106.jpg (7109 bytes)

This was taken off of a video, so it doesn't show clearly, but it reads 106.  We were quite prepared to believe anything we were told about how the earth's temperatures have been rising and that it's only going to get worse.  And we did.

I thought the heat might have been to blame for Sheila acting so flaky this week.  She won't come in the house, and if she does, she creeps around like she's afraid I'm going to beat her.  She cautiously approaches her food bowl, if she eats at all.  (One day I fed her outside, and she ate without a problem.)  I thought it might have been the sound of all the fans going in the house, since she is very sensitive to loud (or strange) noises. 

But I think I've finally figured the problem--she is slipping and sliding around a lot more on the Pergo.  I looked at her feet and she definitely needs her toenails clipped.  I can clip Kimba's, but I'm afraid to work on Sheila's since her nails are so huge.  So I'll get her into the vet and get them clipped and maybe I can finally have my old dog back again.

The cable guy, Jay T, #2018--my hero, finally showed up at 8 Sunday morning.

cabletruck.jpg (47655 bytes)

I figured he'd be in and out within 10 minutes, but it turned out to be not quite so simple.  30 minutes later, he was calling in to his boss to let him know that he simply couldn't get a signal on the television--that the TV worked fine but he couldn't get the cable box to talk to the TV.

It was SO frustrating.  It would be different if I hadn't been in the room when it happened and could think that maybe something weird had gone on, but I was sitting right there watching the TV.   I hit the "stop" button on a show that had been recorded on the DVR and everything went to snow.

The cable guy and his boss did the equivalent of an on-line conference ("Try try this...") for a long time.   Finally, an hour later, he managed to fix it...I'm still not quite sure what he did, but it works again, and I didn't need a new cable box after all.

I was a good girl, though.  The cable box was back on, the big TV was operational again, the recliner, fan and ice cold drink beckoned but I sat in here in my office and continued to transcribe, in front of the tiny fan, with the tiny TV going on in the background, and pausing to check e-mail every now and then.

Just as soon as I settled in, calm, satisfied that all was back to normal again, Davis Community Network shut down.  Can't get into the Internet.  Can't connect to e-mail.  All I could do is work, and what fun is THAT? 

When I went to sleep at 11:30, there was still no Internet access.

When I woke up at 6 a.m., there was still no Internet access.  AND, the cable box was out again.  (Walt got the cable box running again, bless him.)

I had a review that I had not yet submitted (I e-mail reviews to the newspaper office), and could not send.  I also had a bit of research to do on the review, so I couldn't finish writing it without internet access.   I called my editor who said he had gotten a message from DCN saying that all the air conditioners had gone out and they had to shut everything down (you can't even call up their web site; it says that it doesn't exist).

The psychologist has just dictated a note about someone who is "grumpy and caustic." 

That's kind of how heat makes me feel, especially today!   But I'd better get used to it because the "cool down" (to the high 90s) won't start until late this week.

Maybe I should go see "An Inconvenient Truth" again.

But I told Walt he could take the car today, so I'm at home for  the day, which is probably a good thing anyway, all things considered.  Temps are predicted to be 108.  Again.

* * *

Internet access was finally back on at noon.   E-mail wasn't restored until 3 p.m., but when I picked up e-mail there was only ONE message, so whatever happened to all the spam for the past two days is a mystery.  I hope nobody sent a personal message, because it appears to have faded away into the stratosphere.



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