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22 July 2006

It was going to be a great video. 

With the heat lately, and my hardly leaving the house, I have had very little inspiration for creating a video.  Yeah, I know I don't need to post one every day, but it's a self-imposed responsibility and if it weren't for all the videos the kids made, I'd really be up a creek.

(See, the theory is that when people get used to you posting something every day, good or bad, they check you every day.  They might not be interested in what you've posted that day — one daily vlog that I check daily has been running karaoke videos from waaay back during Vloggercon and, as I don't particularly enjoy karaoke and wasn't there for the fun, I haven't been watching...but I do check the vlog for new content each day!)

So anyway, there has been little inspiration, but I finally had a doozy.

I was invited to attend a meeting with a bunch of friends.  I knew that this was a scam before we went.  I knew that the group hosting the event had a reputation for being somewhat of a cult, but I was curious to see what actually was going to happen.  I was also curious to see how much I could get away with filming.

I'm not generally a real "videographer," who films newsworthy events.  I'm more the "behind the scenes" guy, who films stuff around the house and things where I don't run the risk of actually having to — you know — actually talk to strangers.  But maybe I could finally put together something "videographer"-worthy.

We were all greeted by the head of the group, who patted the men on the back and threw his arm around the women and welcomed us. He directed us to the party area, where there was free food and booze and, for those interested, gambling.  I could watch a videotape of a computer poker game on the wall behind the bartender.

I was trying to be surreptitious with my filming, and was thrilled (and, frankly, somewhat surprised) that I seemed to be able to videotape the leader flirting openly with some of the more attractive women while their husbands were busy at the gaming table.  I was surprised there were no "guards" around to make sure that nothing incriminating was recorded on film.

Across the grassy yard, there was a musical group performing, the lead singer for which was an attractive woman who had been there to greet us when we first arrived.  I took a lot of footage of her performing.

Two of our friends arrived late and this upset the guy in charge.   He seemed to want us to all be on the same page from the beginning, but since nothing really had happened yet, I couldn't figure out why he was so upset.

The group began doing readings from a book.  The leader was having each person read specific sections and I was surprised at two things — first, that the readers were such bad readers.  It was impossible to be interested in what they were reading, as they stumbled over words and read in a more monosyllabic tone.  But the second thing that surprised me was that the passages were so benign.   I had expected that this was going to start the indoctrination process, that we would be hearing all sorts of fun things and that we would progress from there to whatever the message of the group was going to be.

The other thing that amazed me was still that though I had attempted to be somewhat discreet with my camera, I also hadn't taken pains to hide it either and apparently nobody really cared that I was recording all of this.

I was congratulating myself on all the great footage I was going to have when we finally left and I got home.  I would finally have something interesting to post.

That was when the toe cramp hit.  It was one of those pre-cramps that you know is going to rapidly progress to a pain that will double you over if you don't tend to it immediately.

I sat up quickly and got to my feet.

That's when I realized that I had been soundly asleep, enjoying the air from the fan blowing over my sweaty body.

There was no meeting.

No cult.

No friends gambling or reading passages from any book.

No attractive woman performing for my camera.

It had all been a dream and I would have no interesting video to post for this entry without resorting to one of the kids' old videos.

Obviously I'm much too obsessed with this whole video thing!

HOWEVER, today's video, somewhat less than 10 minutes in length, is called "Rex, the Man."  I have teased the kids forever that every single movie they make involves (a) chase scenes and (b) fight scenes.  "Rex, the Man" may not have started that trend, but it certainly is filled with chase and fight scenes.  And I wonder what the kids would have done for these movies without the table that sat at the end of our patio for years.

Watch the video and you'll understand.

It's probably more interesting than the cult meeting would have been anyway.

BTW, I hope you are continuing to check the "Look at these videos!" on the left.  I add one or two a day and there are some pretty good ones there.  (Well, obviously I think they're good, or I wouldn't have added them.)


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