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18 July 2006

Well, despite Barry Bonds hitting home run #721....

Bonds.jpg (36465 bytes)

...the Giants still lost to the Phillies, 6-2.   We stayed till the bitter end.  It was another gorgeous day in the city, and our seats were perfectly situated in the 2nd to last row, high above the park, in the shade, right behind home plate.

ATTPark.jpg (26616 bytes)

The weather forecast was for temperatures pushing 100 here in the Valley, and for a high of 67 in San Francisco, so needless to say I was eagerly looking forward to our day in the city.

We drove the car to Concord, where we could park in the shade (for free) and took BART over to the city.  We arrived at the AT&T Park with a full hour to spare, so were able to get our garlic fries and Italian sausage and eat it at a table looking out into the waters of McCovy Cove.

GiantLunch.jpg (46391 bytes)
(Diane C., this is for you...)

In time, we joined our group.  This was the second Lamplighter gathering in a week.  We actually socialize with two Lamplighter groups--the old performing group which met for the Gilbert dinner, and the ex-techie group, the guys who always worked behind the scenes, building sets and working during the shows in the pre-Union days.  Like Walt, Henry belongs to both groups as well.

GiantHenry.jpg (39506 bytes)
(I only mentioned Henry, actually, because I
was so pleased with what a good photo this is!)

As we sat there, vendors kept coming up and down the stairs selling cotton candy, three different brands of ice cream, lemonade, frozen lemonade and rainbow snow cones; people would waddle up the stairs (a baseball game is about the only place I go where I don't feel like the fattest person around) with their mountains of garlic fries and fat, juicy sausage rolls; some "orgasmic" pizza company doing a promo gave out free pizza to all the people in Section 312 (that wasn't us), and later, they started tossing Nathan's hot dogs into another section.  You could almost smell the odors wafting up from the stands outside — fried bread with Nutella or cinnamon or strawberry jam, cinnamon roasted peanuts, mountains of nachos, with faux cheese poured liberally over the chips.

So I was kind of surprised when the big screen on the field started playing a health message from a local health company, letting kids know the importance of good nutrition and how they should talk with their Moms about eating better, especially if they thought they might be overweight.  Gee...they might have offered a lettuce leaf in the stadium!

But you don't go to a ball game for the nutritious food.  In fact, someone in our group asked who the Giants were playing and I told him I didn't know — I had only come for the garlic fries.

Things looked good when Bonds hit his home run, but then the Phillies got 4 runs at the top of the 8th inning and that pretty much was the end of things.  It was a subdued crowd that left the stadium — but it had been a pleasant day and a nice way to get out of the heat for a few hours.

And midway through the game I realized that nobody that I could see in the stadium throughout the entire game used a cell phone.   THAT was a very pleasant change of pace.

It was 97 in our carport when we finally got home again.  I'm ready to go back for another game any minute now.



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    Why I love San Francisco in the summer

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