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15 July 2006

Well, of course I don't really hate Ned, but he has done something terrible to me.

He encouraged me to watch 24.

He has actually been telling me for literally years that I need to watch 24.  But I'm weird about television shows that are sequential like that — where one episode follows the previous one and where you really need to know the background to appreciate the show.

If I miss out on the start of a show, I can't get interested in coming in in the middle.  If I hadn't watched Lost, for example, from the beginning, I never would have gotten hooked on it (though in that particular case, they have offered so many opportunities for people to catch up, it is almost impossible to miss getting drawn into it).

Alias got to be very popular, but because I never watched it from the beginning, I never watched it at all.  Same with X-Files.   I know it was all the rage, but I never watched it because I'd missed the first few episodes.

I suppose I have missed out on a lot of good shows with this little quirk of mine.  But Netflix has helped me catch up.

I never, for example, watched The Sopranos and each year when the Emmies would roll around, heaping more and more awards on that show, I would kick myself that I never got into it.  But it was "too late," based on my little quirk.  It was too late to catch up with a successful show in its second or third season if I'd missed out on the first season.

When we joined Netflix, one of the first things I did was to rent the first disc of the first season of Sopranos.  Now I'm so far from a violent person it's not even funny and I don't like to watch violence on television, so why this program grabbed me, I don't know.  I don't like the language, I don't like the violence, but yet there is "something" that drew me in.   After I'd watched the first disc, I immediately added the entire history of Sopranos to my Netflix queue.

Walt got so used to coming home and finding another episode of the show on that he would snarl "where's my f***ing dinner?" (language which he never uses).

Between November 19, 2003 and February 13, 2004, I rented 23 videos from Netflix.  Sixteen of them were Sopranos episodes.   It happened to be during a period when the show was on hiatus and by the time Season 5  started, I had just finished watching the final episode of Season 4 and was all caught up.  Now I'm in limbo with everyone else, waiting for the final season's episodes to begin.

When the nominations for this years Emmies came out and 24 received 12 nominations, the highest for any show, except  Grey's Anatomy (which I love and which also received 12 nominations), I decided it was time to do something.  (Into the West also received several nominations, but I tried watching that when it first came out and discovered I didn't like it).

I  rented the first two discs of the first season of 24.  The discs have been sitting here for 2 weeks, waiting for me to be in the mood to watch them.

"The mood" hit three days ago and I put on the first disc. 

Well, that was pretty much the end of any constsructive work being done around here that day.  I was instantly drawn into the world of Jack Bauer and the threat against the presidential candidate and the kidnap of his daughter. 

"Just one more...." I'd tell myself, as one episode was ending, "...and then I'll get some transcription done."

No transcription got done that day.  I watched all four episodes on the disc and only because it was 5 p.m. did I stop watching.

"How was your day?" Walt asked, when he came home from work.  I didn't tell him that four hours of it had been spent glued to the television screen.

The next morning, Walt went off to work, and I furtively slipped disc #2 from its envelope and put it on. 

"I'll do the dishes while it's on," I told myself, knowing full well that within seconds, I'd be glued to the television set again.  And I was.

At the end of the disc, I suddenly realized that I had no more episodes of 24 in the house!!!!!  By the end of day #1, I had put the entire four seasons of 24 into my Netflix queue (6 discs per season) but it would be two days before the next disc arrived and here I sat with no new episodes to watch, wondering if Jack's wife and daughter are going to escape, if the presidential candidate is going to be safe, and which member of the team is the traitor.

I checked to see if there are new episodes of 24 which are showing now and was relieved to discover that there are not.

the next season starts in January.  If you want to be all caught up by then, that gives you five months to watch 120 episodes,

wrote Ned, when I sent an e-mail to tell him that he had ruined me.

Five months?  Heck, I'll be all caught up by the end of July.

Disc 3 arrived the next day, and I immediately sat down to watch it.  I finished watching Disc 3 just after our mail was delivered here (bringing Disc 4 with it) and, with the weekend approaching, I actually got into the car and drove to the post office to mail it back so that the Disc 6 would get here by Saturday (I expect Disc 5 on Friday). 

I would say I'm hooked.

I hate Ned.



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